Gosnell Trial Reveals Truth About Abortion

I am a political animal. I scour the news every day, reading numerous stories about foreign policy, social issues, war, domestic policy, and everything in between. I can’t help but be obsessed with the world of politics and the intrigue of it all. There are issues about which I am more passionate than others, such as immigration reform. But above every issue, there stands one that provokes me whenever the subject is brought up. When I get tired of fighting; when I become politically and socially lazy; all I have to do is think about this most precious issue, and I am lit up once again with a burning fire. That issue is abortion.

The Gosnell trial, and its subsequent media blackout, has brought much attention to the issue that has been debated for generations. I have written a lot recently about Gosnell, and I still have more to say. Today, I saw a bumper sticker that said: “Don’t like abortion? Get a vasectomy.” There is such a disconnect between what people think abortion is, and the actual nature of the procedure. Ask anyone on the street what the procedures are during an abortion, and they will likely stand in silence.

In an article for Slate, Matthew Yglesias says: “Banning late-term abortion reduces the quality of abortion providers…such bans would push the residual demand for late-term abortions out of high-quality channels and into sketchy and unsafe ones like Gosnell’s…Making it difficult to establish an above-board competitive marketplace with multiple legal providers of late-term abortion facilities ensures that the demand for the procedure will be pushed into low-quality channels. As you close the legal noose around remaining providers, you’ll more and more have a market served by dubious individuals and you’ll have a market that’s lacking easy access to information and alternatives.”

Mr. Yglesias speaks of abortion in such a clinical fashion that it seems as though it is a routine, above-board procedure. He writes about abortion from a distance; that is a massive problem. His clinical separation from the issue mirrors our own. We–due mostly to Democrat propaganda–have become so distanced from understanding the realities of the act of abortion that we can compartmentalize; shut away the gruesome facts, and go about our day as if nothing barbaric is going on just around the corner.

Yglesias speaks of abortion as we would speak about a supermarket chain, or a fast-food chain; as a business trying to compete in a capitalist country. He makes no effort to sketch an image for his readers regarding the wicked nature of abortion. Abortion–specifically late-term–is a form of Genocide. We are terminating a specific group of human beings for purposes of convenience. Roughly 94% of abortions are elective, rather than necessary for the safety of the mother.

The country stands in shock as we learn the disturbing details of the Gosnell trial: Severing spinal chords post birth, killing infants after they have taken their first breath, keeping infants in freezers. But what Americans don’t realize is that what Dr. Gosnell did is almost identical to what is done legally during routine mid and later-term abortions. He simply delayed the slaughter by seconds. He is deemed a monster, but other abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, are praised for their efforts to protect the “rights of women.” The inconsistency is maddening.

We cannot look at abortion clinically; we cannot compartmentalize anymore; we have to see the truth. The following pictures represent the practice of abortion in a real way. I hope these images disturb, because that is what needs to happen in order that we, as a society, may wake up.

abortion pic 1 abortion pic 2 abortion pic 3 Click to enlarge.