The GOP Is Dissolving; Bring It On

I can’t wait for the Republican Party to implode. Sure, this means that we will be living in a tyranny in which one party, the Democratic, rules, but isn’t that essentially what we have now already?

The majority of the influential Republicans are liberals. They’re influential because they have the majority of their constituents’ support, evidenced by the fact that they keep getting voted into office. This happens because the majority of America is liberal, a fact which we’d only be hurting ourselves if we denied.

While I don’t like the Tea Party for its emotions-based rhetoric, its lack of good strategy, and its weakness (not throwing tea into the Potomac because they couldn’t get the permit to do so? Really?), I still appreciate the Tea Party for the fact that it is breaking up the Republican Party and getting us closer to a Democratic tyranny.

Why do I want a Democratic Tyranny? Well, if having a liberal tyranny under both Republican and Democratic rule has created more rightists–and it has–then truly having only one party in charge will create even more rightists. Isn’t that what we want?

Conservatives say that’s what they want, but then they go and approve of leftist ideals.

For instance, why should representatives for GOProud, the gay-Republican organization, be allowed a speaking spot at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in D.C.? Because GOProud are fiscal conservatives? So is that all conservatism is, then? Is it all about money? Or is it also about time-tested tradition and upholding family values?

Up until very recently I believed, and even wrote articles explaining, that in order for conservatives to have an influence, they needed to not be so picky with their candidates; that if a moderate Republican was the best we could do, we needed to accept him, because our only other option is a hardcore leftist on the Democratic side.

But now I say this: If we remain principled, if we hold fast to traditional values, yes, we will for a period lose many political battles, perhaps even all the elections, big and small, for the next decade or two. During this time of non-appeasement, culture in America will deteriorate at a much quicker rate than it has already with rightists trying to slow the tide of vulgarity and corruption. But we can wade through that slime and sludge as long as we know that eventually the rest of society will see that things need a reversal.

And they will see that. The best cure for liberalism is not conservatives trying to save liberals from themselves; the best cure for liberalism is more liberalism. It sounds counter-intuitive, but just ask the former Democrats who, under President Obama’s presidency, became Republicans. Just ask the people of the former Soviet Union.