GOP “Conserves” New Status Quo: Supports Homosexual, Pro-Abortion Congressional Candidates

Political platforms are basically meaningless. I think the only reason they have them is so that the few voters who worked and paid their way up through the delegate process, who made it to the national convention, feel good and important. They feel like they’re a part of the process, when in reality, these delegates mean absolutely nothing to the political party’s national committee.

The national convention is typically one giant political orgy (pardon the language) where all the delegates and alternates who were willing to pay all the exorbitant fees to their political club of choice, and who had the necessary political club connections, could go and fawn over the pre-selected nominee who no one really liked, all for the benefit of the media’s primetime TV ratings.

So, the 2012 GOP platform contains some pro-life as well as pro-traditional marriage provisions in it. But they mean nothing. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), through their Young Guns Program, are supporting candidates, some of whom are homosexuals, pro-“gay” marriage, and pro-abortion. CNS News reported on two such candidates:

Richard Tisei, who is “married” to his male partner Bernie Starr, in Edgartown, Mass., is running for a congressional seat in the 6th District in the Bay State.   

Carl DeMaio is running for a congressional seat out of San Diego, Calif.

DeMaio, who is openly gay, supports abortion and same-sex marriage. In a press release, he said, “I see myself as a ‘new generation Republican’ who wants to challenge the party to focus on pocket-book, economic and quality of life issues in a more positive and inclusive way, rather than issues that are, frankly, none of the government’s business in the first place.”

Tisei supports same-sex marriage and is pro-abortion, having received a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. The NRCC is spending money on television ads attacking Tisei’s opponent, Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), as is YG Action, a political action committee founded by former aides to House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), reported the Washington Post.

Oh, and this Young Guns Program was started by Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan.

In a sense, the GOP is working to conserve the new status quo. Acceptance of abortion and homosexuality is becoming the new normal, having been foisted on American culture over the past few decades through all manners of media. And the GOP want to capitalize on that, calling themselves a “big tent” party. They see all the potential support, money and power they could achieve if they can convince everyone that they’re just like the liberal “progressives.” “See, everyone? We’re just like the Democrats. We have no moral principles or convictions either. We’ll take anyone [except good candidates]. So give us your money and support. It’s for the children!”

The GOP (and DNC for that matter) might be enjoying their ride atop the current cultural wave crest. The thing about waves is that at some point, they come crashing down. And the foundations of the political establishments of the GOP and the DNC are both made of sand.