Global Warmists Have 52 Explanations for Why Earth Hasn’t Warmed for 19 Years

I think this list of 52 explanations is what is called “grasping at straws.” The blog Watts Up With That has noted that there are some 52 excuses that warmists have come up with for the global warming “hiatus” that we’ve been experiencing for the last 19 or so years. Hey, at least they’re finally acknowledging that it’s there.

Apparently, there still are some deniers out there who say flat out that there is no hiatus; that the world is still heating up; the ice caps are still melting; the polar bears are still dying off; and extreme and unpredictable weather events are becoming more and more commonplace – despite all the evidence to the contrary. I guess these liberals think it’s opposite day every day.

From the Daily Caller:

Explanations for the pause in global warming range from ocean oscillation cycles to Chinese coal plant emissions, volcanic activity to some scientists even saying there is no hiatus in warming.

One recent study found that the warming hiatus is due to “heat transported to deeper layers in the Atlantic and the southern oceans, initiated by a recurrent salinity anomaly in the subpolar North Atlantic.”

This oceanic cooling cycle “associated with the latter deeper heat-sequestration mechanism historically lasted 20 to 35 years,” according to Professor Ka-Kit Tung from the University of Washington.

So what’s the latest explanation for why the Earth stopped warming? Europe’s Joint Research Center (JRC) says the hiatus in warming since 2001 is due to “a combination of a natural cooling phase, known as multidecadal variability (MDV), and a downturn of the secular warming trend.”

European Union scientists don’t know the exact what caused the “downturn of the secular warming trend,” but say “ the Earth hasn’t warmed at the same pace during the 20th century.” JRC researchers analyzed surface temperature records going back to 1850 to “separate natural variations from secular” ones.

Scientists discovered three hiatus periods in the temperature records — 1878 to 1907, 1945 to 1969 and 2001 to today — and concluded that these “hiatus periods coincide with natural cooling phases – the multidecadal variability (MDV), most likely caused by natural oceanic oscillations.”

“The scientists therefore conclude that the MDV is the main cause of these hiatus periods during which global warming decelerated,” according to JRC.

If you want to see all 52 of their excuses for why global warming isn’t happening, you can read them all here.

All their explanations start with the presupposition that man-caused global warming is self-evident. It needs no evidence. It just is. It’s “settled science.” As if science is determined by a small group of judges, and whatever they decide is just the way it is. It’s not up for debate.

None of their explanations say anything about questioning the “theory” itself. That would of course be the most sensible thing to do. But it would also be sacrilegious.