Global Warming: Record Low Temps to Hit U.S. This Week

It’s going to be a really difficult time to sell global warming when record low temperatures are coming to the U.S., particularly in the South. But as usual, the politicians will continue unabated as if the world is burning up as they speak. They’ll tell people that the only way to stop us from going extinct from global warming is to vote for them and support heavy government regulations and taxes that will bankrupt certain corporations in the energy industry, all the while giving billions in subsidies to “green” startup companies who will most likely end up going bankrupt anyway.

Jonathan Gruber is right about one thing:  Americans are stupid. They’ll believe anything. They’ll believe the hype about global warming and how the GOP is secretly behind it all. They’ll believe it even if they’re experiencing record low temperatures. Now that takes some faith.

AccuWeather reported:

The coldest air since last winter is set to move over the Plains and the East during the first half of the new week.

The core of the cold air will focus over the northern Plains and the Great Lakes through at least Wednesday with overnight lows dipping down into the teens, and even the single digits in some normally colder spots.

Bone-chilling nights will be followed up by frigid days with highs struggling to reach the 20-degree mark over the regions on Monday and Tuesday. Some locations are forecast to stay below 20 F until Wednesday afternoon, including Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Temperatures this low can make it dangerous for outdoors activities if you are not wearing the proper clothing.

While much of the Northeast will escape the cold on Monday, the arctic air is expected to move into the region by Tuesday.

Highs temperatures from Washington, D.C., through New York City are forecast to stay near or below freezing on Tuesday, levels that would be considered below normal even during the heart of winter.


This arctic outbreak will not only be limited to the northern Plains, Midwest and Northeast, but will reach into the Deep South.

Record lows will be challenged on multiple occasions through midweek from eastern Texas to the Carolinas with lows near freezing along much of the Gulf Coast.

Parts of northern Florida may even have their first freeze of the season as lows dip down into the 20s in cities such as Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

This could have impacts on some of the citrus plants across the Sunshine State as freezing temperatures can damage the fruit.

I know it’s just the local weather, and it doesn’t matter with regards to what the climate is doing on a global scale. Unless there are record high temperatures in a particular area, in which case that’s incontrovertible proof of global warming, and denying any correlation between the two is akin to denying gravity. Record low temperatures? Totally meaningless and irrelevant. Even bringing up the fact that record low temperatures exist shows that you’re a science denier.