Global Warming Proponents Attribute Rapid Sea Ice Growth to Computer Error

If you make any mention of manipulated computer data and formulas, global warming believers will call you a conspiracy theorist.

Unless of course reality isn’t happening exactly as it was predicted. Like Antarctic sea ice growing instead of rapidly melting away. It’s such an inconvenient truth that there must be some computer glitch or problem with the algorithms. In other words, the sea ice isn’t melting, at least as fast as the global warming unbelievers think it is. The Daily Caller reported:

But a new study by scientists from NASA and Scripps Institution of Oceanography found that a processing error originating from a recalibration made to satellite readings made in 1991 resulted in an artificial jump in Antarctic sea ice extent that was not apparent until the data was reprocessed in 2007.

This means that Antarctic sea ice coverage may have not been accelerating as fast as was previously thought, according to the study’sauthors.

“Here, we show that much of the increase in the reported trend occurred due to the previously undocumented effect of a change in the way the satellite sea ice observations are processed for the widely used Bootstrap algorithm data set, rather than a physical increase in the rate of ice advance,” writes lead author Ian Eisenman, a climate researcher at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and others.

“Specifically, we find that a change in the intercalibration across a 1991 sensor transition when the data set was reprocessed in 2007 caused a substantial change in the long-term trend,” the study continues.

The study’s authors, however, only go so far to say that “a substantial error” exists in the current data sets, but do not know if the 1991 recalibration removed an error from previous data or added a new error.

“The results of this analysis raise the possibility that much of this expansion may be a spurious artifact of an error in the processing of the satellite observations,” the study’s authors write.

The study reignited debate over the fate of Antarctica in a supposedly warming world. Environmentalists touted the study as evidence the Antarctic was not growing as fast as global warming skeptics liked to think.

Not surprisingly, scientists with the Cato Institute came out against the study, arguing that if anything, the “glitch” accounted for only about 200,000 out of 1.3 million square kilometers of alleged ice growth. In other words, not much.

But Cato wasn’t the only critic, and besides, they don’t count since they’re obviously all science-denying conspiracy theorists. Scientists with NASA also discounted the study:

Scientists with NASA, who developed the disputed algorithm to calculate sea ice extent, also challenged Eisenman’s view, including the scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., who developed the algorithm that is being criticized in the study.

“The apparent expansion is real and not due to an error in a previous data set uncovered by the Eisenman et al paper,” NASA’s Josefino Comiso told Live Science. “That error has already been corrected and the expansion being reported now has also been reported by other groups as well using different techniques.”

Either the ice is growing rapidly, or it’s growing not quite as rapidly as was previously thought. Either way, it’s still growing. Leave it to the warmists to attribute its growth to an error in their formula.