No Global Warming for Past 19 Years

Liberals think that we should trust not only the scientists with a vested interest in giving the government what they want, but also their computer models which yield their desired results. Something that their models didn’t anticipate was this so-called hiatus in global warming.

Since liberal politicians knew for a fact that carbon emissions are what lead to higher temperatures, and since carbon emissions have been the highest in the past decade compared to any other time in history, we should be experiencing the high temperatures that were supposed to correlate with record carbon emissions. But the high temperatures didn’t happen. The data (as over against the computer models) showed that there’s been this inexplicable pause in global warming. And couple that with record Antarctic sea ice growth, and you have a recipe for “science” denial if there ever was one.

At first, liberals passed it all off as yet another “teabagger” conspiracy theory. But then they decided to try to use it to their advantage. The oceans must be absorbing all the heat, and as for the growing sea ice in the Southern Sea, well, that’s because of global warming too. And this tea party-induced hiatus will end in no time. John Hayward with Breitbart wrote:

The Church of Global Warming originally pretended the “pause” didn’t exist, then conjured up some new computer models that claimed it would end within a year or two.  According to a new paper by Dr. Ross McKittrick, courtesy of Watts Up With That?, we’re now into Year 19 of the “pause” with no end in sight.  (It’s probably been even longer since any warming was experienced in the lower atmosphere.)

Speaking of those Miami-bound penguins, the great alarmist image of the climate-change racket, polar ice melting and flooding the coastal regions of the world, shows no signs of occurring, even though the much-ballyhooed Eighties and Nineties models said the process should have been well under way by now.  Antarctic ice coverage is way up, even though it was supposed to be dramatically reduced by now. 

Undaunted, the Church of Global Warming just issues ever-more dire predictions, floats fanciful explanations for why the doomsday models politicians employed to bludgeon trillions out of the world economy were so utterly inaccurate, and devotes itself to staging elaborate media spectacles.  There is simply no question, for anyone following the actual science, that the core theories of man-made climate apocalypse have been shattered.  If anything, we’re looking at natural regional processes, a vast and complex system adjusting itself in response to stimuli far more powerful than anything human industry has produced.

I doubt very many people want to stop studying the climate, but that’s never been the issue on the table.  The issue is political control of the world’s economies based on alarmist predictions and outright fraud.  It’s past time for the global warming scare to end, decisively.  The old hypotheses failed upon contact with data.  Science dictates the formation of new hypotheses.  Politics demands the alteration of the data to fit pre-ordained outcomes.

Global warming, or climate change, or whatever you want to call it, is definitely manmade. The theory, that is.