Global Warming: More Ice on Great Lakes Now Than During Polar Vortex Last Year

CNS News is reporting that there’s more ice coverage over the Great Lakes now than during the polar vortex last year:

The total ice cover of the Great Lakes is currently 88.3 percent, or 2.3 percentage points more than it was at the same time during last year’s polar vortex, when 86 percent of the lakes’ surfaces were frozen solid, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The ice accumulation is also much higher than the 51.4 percent long-term average since 1973. However, it is still short of the record of 94.7 percent, which was set on Feb. 19, 1979.

Lakes Erie, Huron and Superior are almost completely frozen over, according to NOAA’s Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis (GLSEA). Three quarters of Lakes Michigan and Ontario are also covered in ice.


There is so much ice on Lake Erie that the Arthur M. Anderson, a 767-foot freighter, got stuck in it for five days late last month. The Coast Guard ice breaker Bristol Bay also got stuck in the 8-to-10-foot thick ice itself while on a mission to rescue the stranded freighter. Both vessels were finally released by the Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard ice cutter.

It’s funny to me that this is even news. If it weren’t for the environmentalist and manmade global warming movements, it wouldn’t be news at all really. I mean, it might make the local papers, but that would be about it.

It’s only news because we’re being force-fed night and day by the mainstream media and national and international political establishments that the Earth is supposedly heating up, and will continue to do so, causing every catastrophic weather event you can imagine, droughts, wars, diseases, violence, earthquakes, etc., and the only people to blame are right-wing conservatives. And they claim that there’s “science” to back it all up; that it’s not just a political ploy to prop up a failing sector of the energy industry at the expense of their market competitors in the fossil fuel industry. They’ve taken something that’s legitimately scientific and worth studying and pursuing as a calling (climate science) and morphed it into political propaganda for the green lobby.

That’s why these reports of record ice accumulation are important and relevant. They’re not consistent with the warmists’ belief system that humans are responsible for heating up the global temperatures to catastrophic levels. And no matter how powerful and well-funded the media and political establishments are and how much they churn out propaganda, the evidence will always be there to contradict their narratives.