Global Warming: Lake Superior Experiencing Record High Ice Levels

John Kerry recently remarked that a few places around the world were experiencing such high temperatures that they were “break[ing] every record that’s ever been seen.” Of course, that wasn’t true for the cities that he mentioned. But remember, liberals like Kerry don’t care about facts, especially when they get in the way of their agenda.

Speaking of “breaking every record that’s ever been seen,” global warming is getting so intense that ice is lingering a little longer than usual on Lake Superior. From InfoWars:

Lake Superior has experienced the highest concentration of ice in late May since modern satellite records began in 1980 and the ice coverage may even be the highest since at least 1897.

In comparison, reconstructed past records on the largest of the Great Lakes of North America show that ice coverage for May is typically far, far less and ice is almost unheard of for June, which is fast approaching.

The records also indicate that average April ice coverage for Lake Superior is usually 17%, but the lake was covered nearly 60% in ice last month.

None of these facts, of course, fit into the “global warming” rhetoric promoted by the White House, which has since rebranded “global warming” as “climate disruption” in an attempt to spin this year’s record cold weather into its carbon tax agenda.

This is like Alaska’s global warming-induced “ice age” that was reported last year. At the time of the reporting, over the previous 10 years there, they had experienced a 2.4-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature. Some places like in Western Alaska had experienced decreases of 4.5 degrees. That still might not sound like much, but consider how much hype has been stirred up over the 1.3-degree Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature over the past century. That 1.3 degrees is going to wipe out all the polar bears, melt all the glaciers, raise the sea level and destroy all the coastal cities.

The Alaska Dispatch pointed out that prior to Alaska’s recent change for colder temperatures, it was known as the fastest warming place on Earth. Alaska’s radical change of heart and science-denying decision not to play by global warming’s rules occurred despite it being a large “greenhouse gas” emitter.

These are just a couple of rather inconvenient truths for science-denying global warming fanatics to acknowledge.