Global Warming: Great Lakes Over 6 Degrees Colder Than Last Year

The globe is warming up at such an alarming rate due to human activity that the temperature in the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than it was last year. It’s so hot that it’s cold. That of course only makes sense in the mind of a liberal who thinks that up is down, and down is up.

Earlier this year in May, we reported about Lake Superior experiencing record high ice levels. From InfoWars:

Lake Superior has experienced the highest concentration of ice in late May since modern satellite records began in 1980 and the ice coverage may even be the highest since at least 1897.

In comparison, reconstructed past records on the largest of the Great Lakes of North America show that ice coverage for May is typically far, far less and ice is almost unheard of for June, which is fast approaching.

The records also indicate that average April ice coverage for Lake Superior is usually 17%, but the lake was covered nearly 60% in ice last month.

None of these facts, of course, fit into the “global warming” rhetoric promoted by the White House, which has since rebranded “global warming” as “climate disruption” in an attempt to spin this year’s record cold weather into its carbon tax agenda.

Now, it appears that all the Great Lakes are experiencing drastic temperature drops compared with last year.

A meteorologist in Michigan reported:

Lakes Superior and Lake Michigan are currently six degrees colder than last year. If the water continues to remain colder than normal, it could have an impact on Michigan’s winter in several ways.

Currently Lake Superior has an average surface water temperature of 47.6 degrees. Last year on this date Lake Superior was at 53.7 degrees. The long-term average water temperature on Lake Superior for October 11 is 51.1 degrees.

So Lake Superior is 6.1 degrees colder than this time last year, and 3.5 degrees colder than normal.

Lake Michigan has an average surface water temperature of 56.0 degrees, while last year at this time it was 62.1 degrees. The long-term average water temperature on Lake Michigan for October 11 is 58.4 degrees.

Lake Michigan is also 6.1 degrees colder than this time last year, and 2.4 degrees colder than average.

Lake Huron is 5 degrees colder than last year, and only 1.5 degrees colder than normal.

If we’re supposed to be fretting day in and day out about the Earth warming up 1.3 degrees over the past century, I wonder how much we’re supposed to be scared about the Great Lakes’ temperature dropping 6 degrees over the past year.