Global Warming: Denver Experiences Record Snowfall

Down here in the Southeast, we’ve been experiencing some balmy weather of late, and it’s almost winter. Now would be a good time for global warming alarmists to pitch their ideas. If it’s unusually warm when it’s supposed to be cold, liberals start saying stuff like, “I told you so. Those deniers can deny all they want, but the reality is that the world is heating up, thanks to conservatives who don’t believe in gravity.”

Meanwhile, other places are getting record snowfall. Global warming fanatics always laugh when conservatives bring up these stories. “You conservatard science-deniers. Don’t you know that the global climate has nothing to do with the local weather? And so what if it’s cold and snowy…it’s almost winter!”

They’re allowed to bring up the local weather when it’s unusually warm. But we’re not allowed to bring up the weather when it’s unusually cold. It doesn’t count. Breitbart reported:

A massive snowstorm that hit Denver has broken the daily snowfall record, dumping over three inches of snow overnight on the mountain city.

As of 5PM on Tuesday evening, December 15, Denver was beset with 7.7″ of snow, shattering the record of 2.8″ set on December 15, 1897.

This record is both the biggest one-day snowfall this year as well as the most snow seen on any December 15 on record.

Why can’t we all just get along? Sometimes it’s cold, and sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes we get record snowfall, and other times we endure record high temperatures. No one’s to “blame” for it. It is what it is. And if we all truly have evolved over the course of “millions of years,” don’t you think we could adapt just fine if the climate goes up a degree?