Gitmo Prisoners on Hunger Strike–Who Cares?

Robert A. Heinlein said: “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” The lengths to which human stupidity can reach never fails to blow me away. With a population of approximately 7 billion, there are bound to be a few people in the world who don’t have all their oars in the water. But I am beginning to think that the volume of stupid people, and stupidity in general, is growing at a pace that cannot be matched by advances in science and technology. We, as a world community, are regressing. Nothing demonstrates this regression more than the Guantanamo Bay hunger strike.

According to The Washington Times:

“More than half of the inmates at Guantanamo Bay have joined in a hunger strike, military spokesmen said. By number, that means 84 of 166 are now refusing food…The food strike focuses on prison conditions. Inmates say they are being imprisoned without being told how long they’re to stay. And last month, some complained — and joined the hunger strike — about the drinking water supplies. Inmates said they wanted water bottles, rather than tap water.”

Reports are even coming in that some of the inmates are being force-fed in an effort to keep them from starving themselves. When I first heard about this strike, I thought it was satirical; I thought it couldn’t possibly be real. How can prisoners of war; many of whom are terrorists, be complaining about prison conditions? It sounds like an article from The Onion. However, the hunger strike is indeed real.

Several observations:

1. These prisoners—by virtue of having been captured on the battlefield—have no Constitutional rights. Therefore, they have no base from which they can complain about prison conditions.

2. Apparently, tap water isn’t good enough for those trying to destroy the west; they require bottled water. I’m surprised that–being bold enough to demand bottled water–they haven’t specified a brand. How about Arrowhead? Oh no, that’s too simple! Fiji it is!

3. Finally, aside from using the prisoners to garner new information regarding Al Qaeda, why does this hunger strike matter? Who cares if some terrorist detainees starve themselves? I know I don’t. Also, I’m sure they could do a lot worse than Gitmo. Considering the fact that the detainees are hardened baddies, the quality of prison conditions are quite a bit nicer than I would prefer.

Is this newsworthy? Why is this in the news? Aside from my general amusement, I gain absolutely nothing from the knowledge that detainees are struggling with icky tap water. But I can guarantee that there are those out there who would sympathize with the Gitmo hunger strike. There are Liberals who would think that it is just awful that these men are being made to live in such “squalor.” To those people, I say: “How, given your unprecedented level of stupidity, can you maintain basic brain function?”

Yet the world keeps spinning, and the dumb keep scraping by. Unfortunately, I underestimated the power and prevalence of human stupidity. Though in the end, so long as I can stand aside and watch, the stupidity of Liberals is great entertainment.