George Soros Backed Catholics Blast Rush Limbaugh

Milton Friedman said: “One man’s opportunism is another man’s statesmanship.”

Opportunism is the language of politics. Well, allow me to make a clarification. Opportunism is the language of politics, but it shouldn’t be. In a perfect world, politicians would speak in honest terms, and deliver the goods when the time came—though in a perfect world, I suppose we wouldn’t need politicians. Opportunism is a dirty game. It isn’t truthful. Opportunism is a thin mask covering a disfigured face. It’s cheap. Though there are opportunists on both sides of the aisle, the dominant user is definitely the Democrats.

The Democrats will take any situation, and use it to their advantage. They never let a crisis go to waste. For example, according to Breitbart:

“A spokesman for the liberal organization Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has posted on the group’s website a denunciation of what he states were ‘incendiary remarks about Pope Francis’ by conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday.”

Pope Francis made some peculiar remarks the other day regarding capitalism. He criticized “trickle down” economics, and the way in which it deals with the poor–rather, the way he believes it deals with the poor. Rush offered a rebuttal of the Pope, which is hardly the end of the world. After all, the Pope is human. Interestingly enough, however, it is this particular group (CACG) that is denouncing Rush and calling for his apology.

The CACG has received substantial monetary support from the George Soros Open Society institute, to the tune of about $200,000. George Soros, as we all know, is a foaming-at-the-mouth critic of anything remotely conservative. The CACG’s demands now seem just a bit suspect when the entire context is revealed.

The Left generally despises religion—unless it’s Islam—so it seems odd that a raging Marxist like Soros would donate such a substantial amount of money to a Catholic organization. Oh wait! He likes to keep his tentacles in everything in case he should ever need it. When religion is convenient to the Left, they suddenly love it. Any other time, it is anathema to their desires. It’s opportunism at its worst.

This ugly attempt at religious and cultural manipulation has not gone unnoticed. It’s just as cheap as it ever was. Try again, Mr. Soros.