Gender Identity: Feds to Force School to Allow Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms

The largest school district in Illinois is under fire from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights division. A male student had filed a lawsuit against the school district with the aid of the ACLU last year after he was barred from using the girls’ locker room. He believed that his civil rights were being violated, because even though he was born male, he now “identifies” as a female. Therefore, he should have access to the girls’ locker room.

The school district is not currently complying with the feds. They anticipate a legal battle and loss of federal funding, but for now, the district is standing firm in their decision to keep locker rooms segregated by gender. Not gender “identity,” but actual, biological gender. CNS News reported:

At a press conference on October 12, Illinois District 211 Superintendent Dan Cates said he would not abide by the OCR’s decision. “This is about matters of student privacy,” Cates said. “What they are asking us to do is have opposite sex students in the same open area of the locker room, and that we do not do. This is a matter we take very seriously and this policy would undo that.”

According to a statement released by District 211, they accommodate transgender students already with “inclusive” restrooms and even support teams. But where they draw the line are locker rooms. Students change their clothes in an open area without privacy stalls, and this obviously presents a problem. The statement read, in part:

District 211 has supported — and continues to support — transgender students and their families, while always balancing the rights and concerns of all the students it serves. Transgender students who don’t want separate private accommodations are allowed to use restrooms in accordance with their gender identity, as there are private stalls available. They also can participate on sex-identified sports teams, consistent with Illinois High School Association policy, and are provided with private changing areas, both during the regular school day and while participating in after-school activities or athletic events.  In all instances, transgender students have access to a support team with extensive training in addressing the identity development needs of adolescents. This support team, in partnership with students and parents, works through the options available for sex-specific facilities, as well as name and gender references on school rosters.

The OCR has taken the position that the District’s decision not to allow unrestricted access to the locker room is inadequate and discriminatory.  The OCR has directed that transgender students should have full access to sex-specific locker rooms for changing during physical education classes and after-school activities.  Likely litigation and enforcement action, including the potential loss of federal education funds, may be imposed by the OCR.

While the transgender “female” might be very comfortable changing in front other real females, everyone else in the room would be made extremely uncomfortable. Is their discomfort a sign of their inherent hatred and bigotry toward transgender people? Maybe they should be subjected to trans-normativity therapy.