Gay Pride Event Bans Cross-Dressing because It Might Offend Transgender People

Now, why would that offend transgender people? I thought these people were all one big happy family.

Here’s the thing. You’ve got “cisgender” people, who are those who happen to identify with the gender they were born with. In other words, if you’re a male, and you also identify as a male, you’re considered cisgender. That has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some of those cisgender people (straight or not, but mostly not straight) who attend these “gay pride” events like to dress as members of the opposite sex. A man who dresses and makes himself look like a woman is called a drag queen. So, you would call him a “cisgender drag queen.”

You also have “transgender drag.” That would be where, say, a transgender woman (a man who “identifies” as a woman) dresses like a woman. (In reality, it’s a man dressing like woman.)

There was one of these gay pride events in Glasgow, Scotland called Free Pride Glasgow, and the “Trans/Non-Binary Caucus” – non-binary are those who say they don’t fit into any socially constructed gender category – decided to ban drag performances at the event. This is interesting, considering that drag performances have been a staple at such events. Their reason for wanting to ban drag performances? Because they might offend the transgender crowd.

People on the left, especially those who regularly attend gay pride events, are overly sensitive to stereotypes. The organizers at this event in Glasgow thought that “cisgender drag” performances might make light of gender stereotypes, thereby offending transgender people and those who might be thinking about being transgender.

Pink News reported:

A statement from the group claimed: “After much discussion, the trans and non binary caucus decided not to have drag acts perform at the event.

“This does not mean that people of any gender can’t wear what they want to the event, we simply won’t be having any self-described drag acts perform at our Free Pride Event on the 22nd August. We hope people can understand and support our decision. However we feel it important to fully explain why we came this decision.

“The decision was taken by transgender individuals who were uncomfortable with having drag performances at the event. It was felt that it would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable.

It continued: “It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.

“This can particularly difficult for those who are not out and still present as the gender they were assigned at birth. While it was discussed whether we could have trans drag acts perform, it was agreed that as it would not be appropriate to ask any prospective drag acts whether or not they identified as trans.

“It was therefore decided that having no drag acts perform would be the best option as it would mean no-one would feel pressured to out themselves.”

It gets better. Their drag performance ban offended transgender drag performers. So, they had to change the rules again, allowing “trans drag performers,” but they still wanted to “discriminate” against the “cisgender drag performers”:

A follow-up statement said: “First of all, we would like to confirm that after a further consultation trans drag performers will be invited to perform at Free Pride on the 22nd August.

“The trans caucus and Free Pride as a whole thought protecting the privacy of trans drag performers was the most important thing, but trans drag performers have let us know that letting them perform is more important to them.

“People appeared to understand that we attempted to communicate that trans drag performers’ rights are secondary to other trans people’s rights.

“We did not mean to send this message and apologise to trans drag performers for unintentionally doing so. Unfortunately this also appears to have offended trans drag performers.”

It continued: “We understand that many, if not all other venues celebrating pride around Glasgow will have drag performers throughout the day and so we want to provide something different.

“We understand that drag is multifaceted and complex, and drag acts come from all angles and in a lot of different styles and we certainly do not want to attack individual drag queens or imply that all drag is inherently transphobic or problematic.

So, they’ll allow a man who “identifies” as a woman (transgender woman) to perform in “drag” at this event, but they won’t allow a man who “identifies” as a man (cisgender man) perform in drag.

Inside the LGBTQIA…crowd, there’s a fierce divide between the transgender community and drag community. The trans people find it offensive that cis people merely “pretend” to be of the opposite sex when they dress in drag, exaggerating makeup and dress for dramatic or comedic effect, while trans people actually are the opposite sex. Deep down anyway. Maybe we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of LGBT community.