Gay Pastry Chef Hired by Laura Bush Quits on Michelle Obama

Interesting story: Bill Yosses, the former executive pastry chef at the White House who was hired by Laura Bush in 2007, has decided to resign because, apparently, he can’t take Michelle Obama anymore … or at least, he can’t stand her hare-brained health food schemes anymore.

How hilarious is that? This extremely, openly gay dude had no problem working for Laura Bush. She didn’t give Yosses any trouble at all. But then open-minded liberal Michelle Obama comes in and starts changing everything:

“No butter—you have to use fruit puree instead. No sugar—you have to use honey and agave instead. And you have to help me get my White House garden started, so we can teach all the “confused and bewildered” mothers and “knucklehead” youths about sustainable agriculture and local food.”

And he just couldn’t take it anymore. He said, “I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar, and eggs.” Did he mean that making pastries for the Obamas was demonizing cream, butter, sugar, and eggs? Or did he just mean that not using those things made it seem like they were bad? I’m not sure.

But I think most people with any sense agree with Yosses. Michelle really thinks fruit puree is an adequate and healthier substitute for butter? And how about the glycemic load of agave? It’s about as bad as high fructose corn syrup. I actually don’t care much what she decides to feed the poor guinea pigs who live under her management. But why not let the pastry chef make actual pastries? Just don’t eat them all the time, maybe?

Just let the poor man do his job, and stop micro-managing everything, Michelle. And for that matter, how about leaving the rest of the country alone? Stop trying to control our food, our labels, our children’s exercise schedules, etc. You may not know any better, did you ever think of that?

The Bushes may not seem as smart as the Obamas, but they at least had the sense to let their executive chef cook what he wanted. And they certainly didn’t just assume that everyone else in the country was an idiot.