From Trayvon Martin To Temar Boggs: What Does Skin Color Matter To Anyone?

Trayvon Martin has some clouds hanging over his character reputation from some troubles at school (though none of which had yet produced a criminal record). He was tragically killed by a single gunshot. The shooter, George Zimmerman, claimed he was forced to act in self-defense. He went to trial and the jury ruled there was reasonable doubt that he was guilty of any crime (at least any that the prosecutor charged him with). In the media, since “white shooter” (a weird label for a Hispanic Obama-supporter, but one favored by the media) was a neighborhood watch volunteer, who suspected that the African American Martin was casing houses or otherwise up to no good, Zimmerman was virtually pronounced guilty before any trial. It was asserted that this was a case of racial profiling by Zimmerman and of racial bias on the part of the police force when they did not immediately arrest Zimmerman and press charges.

I think it might be helpful to consider another African American teen who is now in the news, albeit only in the local news or in the internet media. His name is even as exotic as Trayvon’s: Temar Biggs. Biggs was helping a lady move a couch (!) when he heard about a five-year-old girl who had been snatched from her front yard. The police were mobilizing and looking through the neighborhoods. Temar and a friend went out on bicycles and saw a car with a girl in the front seat that seemed like a possible match. They chased the car. It pulled ahead and stopped and the girl got out of the vehicle. Then it sped off. The girl asked for her mother and Temar carried her to nearby rescue personnel who returned her to her mother.

You can see the mother hugging Temar and calling him her hero in this piece of footage embedded in this report from World Net Daily.

I can’t help but think that, in a few years, Temar might own a legal handgun and might rescue someone or stop some crime. He plainly has a heart for helping other people.

We constantly heard about racial prejudice and racial profiling as if the United States was a hotbed of white supremacy and prejudice. But conservative news sites on the web are as happy to report on Boggs’ heroism as is the Huffington Post. No one thinks it is implausible that a young black teen would take action and care for others. But neither does anyone think that the pigment in Boggs’ skin is the reason for his heroism. It is irrelevant.

And every conservative “tea party” partisan who reads that story hopes his own sons prove to be as brave, determined, and as giving, as Temar Boggs and his friends.

The only real people who will want to damn Boggs with faint praise are those in the mainstream media. They would rather let the story drop, if they report it much at all, so they can find some story of racial turmoil for which they can beat their war drums for years and years.

The United States is being played by people who profit and gain power from division and strife. Both black and white, as well as every other shade, is being exploited.