French Jews Call for World War against Islamic Jihadists!

The Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF) released a message on Saturday condemning the monstrous terror attacks on Paris and calling for the world to unite in solidarity against the evils of radical Islam.

No words can describe the horror that befell France.

Our country is bleeding all those innocent lives cut short by the bullets of these new barbarians

The world war against the monstrosity of fanatical jihadist  must become the top priority of democratic nations

We must fight mercilessly tirelessly for the defeat

CRIF shares with the whole nation that national mourning and presents to all the families of the victims its deepest condolences

This clear call for action against the violent barbarians who continue to relentlessly attack the free people of the western world stands in stark contrast to the dithering of liberals in the media and in political leadership.

In fact, Jewish leaders all over France seemed unified in their call for prayers and support for their homeland, while condemning the hate and fear propagated by the Muslim terrorists.

Jean-François Bensahel, president of the ULIF-Copernicus, urged people “not to give in, to unite to face the cruelty and barbarism to fight tirelessly.” For Haim Nisenbaum, spokeswoman Beth Lubavitch, “We have just experienced a time when the darkness tried to reach new heights.” He added that “to chase the darkness, it is our responsibility to add light. Do not let the fear we hug.”The President of FSJU Ariel Goldmann, announced he would react this Sunday morning, especially since the events planned for tzedakah should be deferred. For its part, the CRIF reacted by indicating new safety measures to the attention of community locations.

But the most expected reaction was that the Grand Rabbi of France. In a statement, it invited “the faithful to join, through prayer, to three days of national mourning” which was decreed. Above all, the Grand Rabbi of France called that “everyone is his brother’s keeper”, recalling the need to “restore our ability to collectively vigilance and our responsibility to one another.” The word of the highest French Jewish religious authority was of particular value as the Grand Rabbi of France insisted that is widespread in the synagogues every Sabbath prayer for the French Republic.

The reactions of Jews and Christians to the fierce slings and arrows thrown at them by the violent extremists speaks volumes about the differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.