Frank talk about Barney

When Senator Ted Kennedy passed, I have to admit I not only breathed a sigh of relief, but I felt like America was given a gift. I actually had a party. Likewise, Barney Frank’s retirement announcement almost brought tears of joy to my eyes as I dreamed of a federal government with one less weirdo.

Now I find out that Washington’s most prolific sodomite and liar is actively soliciting new opportunities within the brothel we call the mainstream media. Folks, Barney Frank wants to be a celebrity now, a kind of political Perez Hilton. Oh Brother, this guy’s lucky he isn’t Bernie Madoff’s celly!

Why can’t this guy just go home and slip into his favorite moo moo and annoy his neighbors? Why does the American public have to be subjected to his embarrassing exploits, delusional ideals, and disingenuous logic? I suppose that would be too much to ask from a man that has spent his entire career running from the truth and hiding behind his sexual proclivities. Now I expect we will be treated to more of his cartoonish pontifications on the likes of CNN, MSNBC and Current T.V.

I’ve never understood Massachusetts voters. Somehow they chose Barney Frank to replace (of all people) a Roman Catholic Priest (Fr. Robert Drinan) who served four terms as a Massachusetts Congressman before stepping down in response to a 1980 John Paul II papal order demanding all priests withdraw from the electoral process. You would think that New England’s liberal elites would have dismissed Barney Frank decades ago given he admitted he was a closet homosexual, living with a gay prostitute, who was running an escort service from the beloved liberal Congressman’s apartment for a year and a half. Of course Barney claimed he had no knowledge of any of it and immediately began to wear his sexuality on his sleeve as a warning to those homophobes who would attempt to cross him. In the end, Barney got off with a Congressional reprimand for fixing his live-in’s parking tickets and homosexual activism in our Federal Legislature was energized.

From that point, whenever Democrat Party leaders needed the flamboyant gay guy to slap down the conservative opposition they just trotted out the obnoxiously arrogant Barney Frank. It didn’t take long before he was elevated from flaccid congressional clown to predatory civil rights (turned gay rights) warrior. The morally bankrupt loved their new champion.

During the 90s, Congressman Barney Frank, a member of the House Banking Committee and Mr. Herb Moses (who he met in 1987) lived together as lovers. After Moses was hired by the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) as a Senior Executive, Congressman Frank diligently pushed the agency to loosen regulations on mortgages for two- and three-family homes even though these mortgages were defaulting at five times that of single family homes.

In 1998, after close to a decade of helping Mr. Moses develop many of Fannie Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement lending programs Barney Frank ended his romantic relationship with Herb Moses and within months Mr. Moses resigned from position with Fannie Mae. Although Mr. Moses was the Assistant Director for “Product Initiatives” for Fannie Mae (yes, it is funny) and Frank was involved with writing the nation’s housing and banking laws, complaints of a conflict of interest went unaddressed by Congressional Ethics watchdogs. It also bears mentioning that during his relationship with Herb Moses, Congressman Frank was the beneficiary of tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from both Fannie Mae and its GSE cousin Freddie Mac. Nope, no ethical problems with that either.

When it comes to our nation’s fiscal mess, Barney Frank has been the undisputed queen of government obfuscation and understandably so since he helped create it, fuel it, and profit from it. His influence in our government’s failed experiments in financial and banking industry oversight have earned him false accolades from financial geniuses like Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary for the Bush Administration. You remember Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs that begged for TARP bailouts. I wonder if money printing Hank was a guest at Barney’s nuptials last July.

Now as many Americans are begging for jobs thanks to the raping of our economy by the likes of Barney Frank and his former house boys, he gets to retire on our nickel with a big pension and we are left holding the bag. Once again another career criminal is allowed to walk free, rub our faces in it, and pursue his dream of fame and freakish fornication for all. That’s right. Not only did people like Barney Frank rob our children and grandchildren of a healthy financial future but now he is taking his audacious moral acumen to our airwaves. No doubt to further his quest to find LGBT self-righteousness in a country he both loathes and abuses without a care for the consequences.

What a joke America has become.