Fox News Reporter Makes Fun of President Obama

Fox News’ Wendell Goler poked some fun at President Obama yesterday when he wondered aloud if the President was enjoying his photo-op!

Last week, Republicans (and many in the media and around the country) were wondering why President Obama wasn’t making his way down to the border to get a better understanding of what was happening there.

Obama’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained the lack of interest from the President as stemming from his hatred of “photo-ops.” This while the President had a photo-op at a famous Texas BBQ restaurant called Franklin’s.


Here’s a report of Goler’s exchange with Earnest from yesterday’s press conference.

“Is President Obama enjoying himself at his photo op this afternoon?” Goler asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, prompting chuckles from the rest of the press corps. He was referring to a speech the president delivered on the economy from the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in Virginia. “And is he likely to be just as unhappy with the photo op he has planned later this week on infrastructure?”

Earnest answered, well, earnestly, saying, “The president seemed to be in good spirits today,” before realizing exactly what Goler was getting at.

“I’m getting back to his blowing off photo ops on the border,” Goler clarified. “Was he concerned that might send the wrong message to people in Central America if he went to the border?”

“What the president’s concerned about is focusing on solutions,” Earnest answered. “And that’s exactly what the president was focused on last week.”

“But he said he didn’t like photo ops and he seemed to having a pretty good time,” the reporter said. Actually, President Obama said, “I’m not interested in photo ops, I’m interested in solving a problem.”