Fox News’ O’Reilly says New York Mayor “Should Resign!”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is not happy with Mayor Bill de Blasio and had some very strong words for the embattled New York City Mayor.



My grandfather was NYPD. I know this city as well as any human being. I know that the New York City Police Department, in 2014, is probably the best police agency in the world. Local police agency in the world. What they have done with crime is stunning. A city that had 3,000 murders a year, now down to 300 in that range.

You have a mayor that comes in, a man named Bill de Blasio, a far left individual who is incompetent, and I will get to him in a moment. He is incompetent. He cannot run the City of New York… 

Just as if a bad cop does something you cannot condemn all police. You cannot condemn blacks because of what Brinsley did. Everybody should be clear about that, all right.

Bill de Blasio, as I said, is incompetent. He was elected in an election in New York City that few people voted. He’s a machine politician and he is an anti-police individual. Now he is in trouble. Now he is trying to backtrack. But he has been anti-police his whole career. Who is his best friend? Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton. A racial provocateur, an anti-cop individual. He is de Blasio’s best friend. That says it all.

de Blasio is actually proud that he told his teenage son that he may face quote dangers when interacting with the NYPD. What type of responsible father tells that to his son? Then after witnessing, because it’s on videotape, two police lieutenants get beaten by a mob, the mayor of New York City says it was an alleged beating. That insulted every single — every officer, all 35,000 NYPD were insulted. Alleged? You saw it with your own eyes, you pinhead.

Once he said that, that was the end. he lost the police department and then when he went to the hospital over the weekend were the two police officers were being treated, police officers turned their backs on Bill de Blasio, The mayor of New York City. Good for them. Good for them.

This is an individual who should resign today. Today. He cannot run the city. He’s lost the control of the police department and the respect. They will never come back no matter what he says because he sided with the protesters, that’s what he did. And he associated with provocateurs and he has disgraced the office of the mayor of New York City. He should resign.