Fox News Host Goes Off on Liberal Over Obama’s Incompetence!

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum has heard enough of the talking points from liberals about the Obama administration and she wants no more of it!

The discussion of Fox News was supposed to center on the IRS lost emails and the Obamacare rollout with Fox’s own in house liberal Bob Beckel to balance out the discussion. But Beckel made one important misstep… he parroted weak White House talking points and tried to defend the “technology” problems the Obama administrations keeps having.

That’s when MacCallum exploded!

“No, it doesn’t work in the IRS. The IRS just told us that they cannot keep track of their own emails, for God’s sakes!”

“You’re being apologist! Do you hear yourself? You are apologizing! We are the greatest nation in the world and we’re supposed to just go, ‘Oh, stuff happens?”

The segment ended with Beckel denying the government was an embarrassment and saying that capitalism was the embarrassment…

Nice. The old socialist standby. Blame capitalism whenever facts get too hard to explain. The problem is the massive socialist schemes being foisted upon us by the Obama administration and his Democrat Party cronies.

Capitalism has nothing to do with it.