Fox News’ Grills State Department Spokesperson


The Obama administration has announced the capture of one of the suspects of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012.

While most people are happy to finally see some progress on the Benghazi justice front, many are also wondering why, exactly, this took so long?

This specific suspect hasn’t been in hiding and has done many interviews with media outlets since the attack. So why did it take the Obama administration so long to bring him in?

As you can see, the White House doesn’t have an answer for their failures.

The truth is that President Obama and his minions were likely keeping an eye on this guy for the last two years, waiting to pounce when the time was right.

And by “time was right” I mean that they were waiting to grab him when they were desperate to get a political win.

This suspect’s capture is an attempt to distract the media, and America, from all of the other administration scandals that are going on.

Obama is just trying to protect himself… again…