Fox News’ Bob Beckel Threatens Jason Mattera – Challenges to a Fight

On yesterday’s episode of Fox News’ The Five, Bob Beckel blew up over Jason Mattera’s confrontational interview with Lois Lerner.

From Jason Mattera’s The Daily Surge:

Bob Beckel challenged Jason Mattera to meet him “anytime, anyplace,”  while also calling Mattera a “lousy, lying un-American punk” over his video of Lois Lerner.

“And bring a knife,” Beckel added.

Now Mattera has responded

“I’m naming the place,” said Mattera. “How about Thursday on The Five?”

“What time would you like me to appear, Bob? I look forward to our national debate on effective journalism.”
Bob Beckel is ridiculous and so is his faux-anger. Where was this anger when Lois Lerner was pleading the Fifth in her efforts to avoid answering questions about the IRS Scandal?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Lerner and her corrupt minions at the IRS screwed over a bunch of good people who were simply trying to involve themselves in the political process… and Beckel gets mad when someone asks Lerner a few tough question.

It’s almost laughable.