Four Reasons to Fire Lindsey Graham

As the newest possible scandal of the Obama administration begins breaking across the wire, Senator Lindsey Graham, a man who should be one of the President’s chief opponents, continues to cause problems for Republicans. The good people of South Carolina can generally be trusted to select representatives who will work hard to see that conservative values are championed in a circumspect manner. (There are of course missteps – see Mark Sanford.)  However, for some reason they continue to return America’s fanciest RINO ((Republican-in-name-only)) to office election after election. Can I take a few moments to do my level best to convince the people of one of my favorite states to stop voting for Lindsey Graham?

The first reason I want to give you is that Lindsey Graham is too politically tone deaf to lead Republicans in retaking the Senate.  Just three short months ago we had perhaps the best moment for the Republican brand since President Bush’s response to the 9/11 terror attacks – Rand Paul stood up in Congress and demanded the President acknowledge that he would abide by the Fifth Amendment and put in writing that his Executive power was not absolute. Over the course of 13 long hours, Rand Paul and several of his Republican colleagues opened the door to millions of voters (and pre-voters) who previously would not have given the Republican Party a second thought.  For over a day Rand Paul and the hashtag #standwithrand were trending on social media sites like twitter.  But then in the space of about five minutes Lindsey Graham did his best to make sure these newly interested voters remembered why they didn’t like the GOP. Forget that Senator Paul had just done (in 13 hours) what the Republican Party could not do in over 5 years… Graham would rather take a swing at the Junior Senator from Kentucky then knockout the overreaching Executive in the White House. Tone deaf.

The second reason South Carolina needs to dump Lindsey Graham in 2014 is that he is not an advocate for protecting our Constitutional rights.  We’ve already seen he is not a huge advocate of the Fifth Amendment in his response to Senator Paul’s questions about the use of drones on American citizens on American soil, but he’s also no campaigner for the First Amendment. He recently misspoke in his musings on “if” bloggers should be covered by the First Amendment, but is entirely clear when offering his version of the “media shield law” which would effectively create a special legal protection for certain members of the media. You read that correctly, Senator Graham believes certain people should have “more” of a right to free speech than others. It’s no surprise of course, just a couple of years ago Graham was trying to make burning the Koran illegal. Perhaps you think I am being overly dramatic about Graham’s attitude towards the First Amendment. Why don’t we let Senator Graham speak for himself:

Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war. “

Need any more reasons to make sure Senator Graham is primaried into retirement?  How about one more: Senator Lindsey Graham is “Glad the NSA is tracking phones.” The newest of the “Obama Scandals” has the media stirred into quite a frenzy, even though the practice has been ongoing for several years. Since 2006 the NSA has been tracking what our legislators call “meta-data”, and while only Verizon is singled out here you can be sure that if Verizon is involved, so is every other cell carrier in the United States. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) assure us that the only time the government will use the meta-data it is collecting will be to track and listen in on “the bad guys”.


The White House agrees, they want everyone to know that we can rest easy because our government is completely trustworthy and would never use any of the information it is gathering against its citizens in a manner unbecoming. Consider what this does, friends – the legislature has allowed our government to track every call we’ve made or received over the last seven years. It pains me to say this, but I agree with ManBearPig.

Really, I cannot be too hard on Senator Graham for his support of this. The revelation that our government has record of literally every phone call any of has been on over the last six years should be shameful to every member of Congress.  Graham is just one of the few stupid enough to say he is glad they are doing it. Ah, a fourth reason to dump Graham – he’s unintelligent.

South Carolina, I am personally imploring you on behalf of many of your conservative, limited (in every way) government, red blooded American citizens – please, oh, please, please, please – send Senator Graham gently into that good night.