After Four Months, Black Supremacist Ayo Kimathi Still Employed by DHS

About four months ago, the DHS found out that Ayo Kimathi, one of their employees, was an avowed black supremacist. Kimathi runs the website “War on the Horizon,” where he posts a bunch of hilariously inflammatory “pro-black” news and recommends the assassination of black-skinned traitors (Uncle Toms) and white people. For some reason, I can’t help but hear Mr. T’s voice narrating in my head as I read his articles.

Kimathi calls homosexuality “white sex” (thanks a lot, dude), and thinks white people will have to be exterminated to protect strong black men (he doesn’t seem to care as much about black women… this is probably due to the latent influence of white homosexuality) and preserve the future of the black planet.

Anyway, he’s a whacko. No more a whacko and no less entertaining than other whackos, but a whacko nonetheless. And I think  it’s pretty clear that maybe such a man as Kimathi should not have a job where his main duty is protecting the livelihood of a majority white nation. I don’t think it takes four months to investigate this. Let’s say a terrorist comes into town. Kimathi confronts him (again sounding like Mr. T for some reason):

Kimathi: We found explosives in your underwear. Don’t ask me how I found them. I wasn’t looking in your underwear for sexual reasons. It’s just part of my job. White people make me do it.

Terrorist: Yes, well I don’t know how that bomb got in my loin girdle.

Kimathi: Look, I don’t care how it got there. And I honestly don’t care if you bring it into the country. But you need to listen to some ground rules. White people and Uncle Toms need to die, but no suicide bombings on strong black men, okay? So… You see that Ikea? You can blow it up. That Center for Ballet? Blow it sky high. Harvard? Yale? Sky high! Kapeesh?

I can’t help but think that Craig Cobb wouldn’t even have been hired to DHS, in spite of the fact that the now-famous (kind of) white supremacist apparently has fourteen percent sub-Saharan African ancestry. (Does that qualify him for affirmative action?) And even if he had been hired, it beggars belief to think that DHS would keep him on for four months of administrative leave after his racist affiliations had been discovered.