Forty-One Year Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the landmark decision in the Supreme Court that legalized the murder of unborn babies. It’s Roe v. Wade’s birthday. Although I think it would be perverse to call it that, since Roe v. Wade has as its sole purpose the revocation of birthdays. Since 1973, fifty-seven million unborn babies have been “aborted in the U.S. That’s fifty-seven million human possibilities dumped into the trash bin.

Is Roe v. Wade something to rejoice over? Some people think so. Some people fight tooth and nail to protect Roe v. Wade from any encroachment—even supporting partial-birth abortions to put a hedge around their favorite piece of legislation. But why? Why does anyone fight for abortion?

If it’s a women’s health issue or a women’s rights issue, why don’t feminists fight harder against the porn industry or our culture of male irresponsibility? Why don’t they convince women to value their bodies more? Don’t just give it away to every man who shows them half a wink of affection.

Why some men fight for abortion is obvious. The Bro-Choice Movement wants to keep treating women like disposable sex objects. So of course they support abortion on-demand. Abortion favors men who don’t want to be accountable for their actions. The single-mother epidemic is almost as bad as the abortion epidemic.

Then there are those few people who support abortion only in really difficult circumstances—when the life of the mother is in danger, or in cases of rape and incest. These people seem like the reasonable and compassionate ones. I don’t think they are.

The life of the mother argument relies on a medical professional’s judgement call. It could be wrong. It often is. My grandmother was told her youngest would die and kill her. The doctor urged her to consider abortion.1 My grandmother refused. My Aunt Dana was born alive though a little sickly. She died a few years ago, but I cannot imagine my growing-up life without her. There may be cases where the doctor is right and the mother’s life is in danger. But giving birth is in itself a danger. That doesn’t give us the right to pick and choose whose life is more worth protecting.

And as far as rape and incest goes, abortion makes two victims where there was only one. I can’t condone condemning innocent people to death. And that is what we are doing with abortion.

Think about it. A culture that cries foul over the prolonged execution of a convicted murderer and rapist doesn’t even bat an eye at the painful execution of fifty-seven million of our only certainly innocent citizens. Lethal injection is humane compared to what they do to babies in the womb. Burning them alive in chemicals, tearing them to pieces, sucking them out with blender vacuums. It’s disgusting and vile. There is no excuse for it.

I’m thankful today for my stalwart mother and father. Because of their choice, I am an abortion holocaust survivor. I mourn for the millions who have not been so fortunate.

  1. Is it not crazy that there are grandmothers now who have given birth during the abortion era? We should all be thankful we survived. []