Former Wrestler to Bring the Political Pain to a RINO?

Glenn Jacobs is the seven-foot-tall mass of humanity more popularly known as WWE wrestler, Kane. But after the next election cycle, it’s just possible that people may have to call him, Mr. Senator.

In glorious defiance of stereotype, it turns out that Jacobs has an agile, nimble brain in his bald noggin. Whoda thunk it? He’s been doing his homework, according to a recent article at the Daily Caller, reading (for fun!) the writings of classic Austrian school economists like Hayek, von Mises, and Rothbard. His friends say he’s turned into a “libertarian nerd.” I happen to think that’s encouraging.

He’s a resident of Tennessee, where long time incumbent senator, Lamar Alexander, is widely considered the quintessential RINO. The former heavyweight champ in the fake wrestling world notes that there’s nothing phony about Alexander’s record: he has voted with Obama 63% of the time (including votes for TARP and the confirmation of Justice Sotomayor), more than any other GOP member from the South. Speculation is growing that Jacobs may give it a go in the upcoming primaries next year. Big Glenn is not doing much to squash those rumors. In fact, it’s apparent he’s giving it a lot of sober thought.

TEA Party and other liberty-minded groups in Tennessee are already thinking and planning about how to rally behind him. This can’t be welcome news to the Alexander camp, who have to be thinking gravely about names like Dick Luger, who recently got primaried out of business as a RINO who had overstayed his welcome.

So, is there a political smackdown in order for yet another GOP “moderate?” I’d buy a ringside ticket for that one.