Former New Mexico Governor is Running for President

Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, (R-NM) just announced his plan to run for President as the Libertarian Party nominee in November. He was on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show to announce his candidacy and to explain why he was running. Over at, Nick Gillespie dives into candidate Johnson and explains where he stands on several hot-button topics.

On Banning Sharia Law:

“Under sharia law women are not afforded the same rights as men.” Under a burqa, how do you know if a woman has been beaten?, he asked rhetorically. “Honor killings are allowed for under sharia law and so is deceiving non-Muslims.”

On Military Intervention:

“Our military interventions are not the reason for terrrorism,” he said, but “our interventions are making things worse.”

On Economic Policy:

“You can’t count on growing the [tax] pie. But you can count on balancing expenditures with revenue.”

Johnson also suggested eliminating income, corporate and payroll taxes and switching to the Fair Tax. Johnson would also dissolve the IRS.

Johnson saved his harshest comments for Donald Trump:

“I get why Donald Trump is appealing. I get the notion of ‘I’m my own guy, I make my own decisions.’ I made that same pitch in 2012. I don’t think I said anything as stupid. He’s going to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Muslims are going to be barred from entering the country! He’s going to kill the families of terrorists! That is just whacked—just nuts. Holy cow! It’s crazy!”

Johnson also gave his opinion on a handful of the other candidates with none of them getting glowing reviews. His kindest comments were saved for Rand Paul, of whom Johnson said, “He’s the one I would vote for out of the current crop [if I had to. But he is a social conservative and I’m not.”