Former Director of Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group: No Laws Will Prevent Mass Shootings

They acknowledge that everything that they do will be in vain to accomplish their stated goals, but they do it anyway.

Mark Glaze is the former executive director of Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is now misnamed Everytown for Gun Safety. The Wall Street Journal reported:

Since the Newtown massacre, Mark Glaze has been the face of the gun-control movement. The executive director of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mr. Glaze led the futile 2013 fight for expanded background checks and has been regular on cable news after each successive mass shooting.

Now Mr. Glaze, 43 years old, has stepped away from the fight. Friday marked his last day working for Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, now calledEverytown for Gun Safety, after three and a half years as executive director.

In an interview at his organization’s Washington office earlier this month, Mr. Glaze expounded on how President Barack Obama’s unrelated political problems – health care, Edward Snowden, congressional gridlock – damaged the gun-control cause.

And Mr. Glaze said the movement hasn’t solved one of its signature problems: Many mass shootings wouldn’t have been stopped by tighter regulations proposed by gun-control advocates, even if they might have prevented other gun crimes.

Gun control has very little to do with preventing violence. If they really thought that taking guns away from potential victims would somehow prevent violence, then why stop at guns? Why not work to ban handguns, knives, bats and hammers also?

Preventing violence has never been the goal of gun-grabbing politicians. That’s just their marketing slogan. Gun control isn’t so much about controlling guns as it is controlling people. The fastest way to control a populace is to first take away their defense weapons.