Former Cop: No-Knock Raids are About Getting Federal Grant Money

I know there are good cops out there. But sadly, the good ones don’t last all that long. They end up getting fired, forced to resign, or they quit, because they can’t take the politics anymore. So, we’re left with either bad cops or those who will do as they’re told in order to put food on the table.

The group Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC) conducted an interview with a former Crowley, Louisiana cop. He was one of the good ones but became disillusioned with all the no-knock raids they were conducting, which were done mostly to obtain more federal grant money and which yielded little results.

It’s not so much the cops themselves that’s the problem as it is the administrations of police departments. Most officers are going to do as they’re ordered to do. And those who refuse on Constitutional grounds to do as they’re ordered get shunned, mistreated and harassed.

Police departments these days depend on bad cops to meet ticket and arrest quotas. Officers take a perfunctory oath to defend the Constitution, but for most police officers, that’s a silly, outdated formality. Being a cop today is more about making as many arrests and issuing as many citations as possible to please their bosses than protecting people’s liberties. The Constitution is a nuisance stands in their way.