Former CNN Reporter Duo Shoots, Kills Armed Robber

Lynne Russell and Chuck de Caro are both former CNN reporters. They were on a cross-country road trip from D.C. to California when they stopped at a Motel 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to get some rest after they had met some friends for dinner.

An armed man, who was reportedly out on parole, had pushed Lynne into their room onto the bed after she had gone to the car to retrieve something. She was being held there at gunpoint as her husband Chuck was getting out of the shower. He tried negotiating with the guy and intended on giving him whatever valuables he wanted. Lynne said she’d look in her purse for something to give him, but what she did was put one of their two handguns in her purse from one of the side tables, and then she gave her husband her purse.

The armed suspect’s behavior became erratic and violent, and he told them he wanted the man’s briefcase. When they tried to explain that there was nothing of value in it, the man lunged at Chuck, went to the other side of the bed and opened fire. Chuck returned fire, emptied the first handgun, got a hold of the other gun and shot the man several times. The armed burglar was found in the parking lot, and he later died in the hospital. Chuck was shot three times, but is expected to recover in the hospital.

It’s a good thing they brought two handguns. One may have not been enough. This is why it’s asinine to make laws limiting magazine capacities to 10 or even 7 in the case of New York. More than enough is a whole lot better than not quite enough.

Police are apparently investigating whether the guns they brought were “legal.” I can’t imagine why that would even be an issue. They used the guns when it became obvious that their lives were being threatened by this armed robber. That’s something I’d expect them to look into if the guns were used in the commission of a crime, but this was pure self-defense.