Forced To Work For The Government 61 Days Without Pay!

Now that the uncertainty has abated that surrounded whether or not our taxes would be going up in 2013, I decided to do a little calculating to figure out how much of my money the government will involuntarily confiscate from me this year.

Because I am part of the lower income level (I will not play into the liberals’ class warfare by using such Marxist language as to refer to it as the lower “class”), my taxes are, unfairly, not as high as those of a higher income level. No, let me rephrase: the taxes of those of the higher income levels are, unfairly, not as low as mine. But I still do have to pay a significant sum; I still have to hand over my money to someone who will make unsound investments with it into things I otherwise never would, at a net loss of money for both of us, thus effectively handing over my money only for it to be burned it in a bonfire behind the scenes.

For the first 61 days of 2013, I am working for the government without any pay. Every single penny that I make from January 1 to March 2, I have to send to the government for them to throw it away. I have no choice in the matter; I must give up the fruit of my labor under penalty of imprisonment by the government.

The amount of work that I do to earn the money that I will be making in these first 61 days–an already measly $3,810, roughly–will be done entirely for the government. The government is forcing me to work for them for 61 days straight, without pay. For these 61 days, I am a servant.

This is what I have determined after calculating my income taxes, Social Security taxes, and Medicare taxes.

I am against the federal income tax and against the way Medicare is currently run, but some stubborn thinkers insist it necessary for both to continue on unchanged. Fine; let’s just calculate my Social Security taxes, a program that is absolutely not necessary for me to be paying into.

Permitting, for argument, that the federal income tax is constitutional and necessary, as is the continuation of Medicare in its current state, I am still working these first 23 days of January under the artifice that if I allow it (not that I have a choice), the government promises to confiscate the money of future generations to give to me. The government, to assuage my concern for those thousand-plus dollars of mine, tells me it will do the same for me in the future; it won’t. I will never see that money, nor do I think it moral that I should. If someone in the private sector did this, he’d be in federal prison for running a con game.

This is unacceptable, yet we accept it. We go forward without questioning, like good little sheep.

I encourage all of you to figure out how many days of this new year you are being forced to work for free by calculating your federal income taxes here. Then add to that the 6.2 percent Social Security tax and the 1.45 percent Medicare tax. If you’re not at minimum uncomfortable with how much the government is taking advantage of you, you’re part of this country’s plenitude of problems.