For HIV, Philadelphia Schools Installing Condom Dispensers, Thus Encouraging Chancy Sex

If your two kids are playing with real guns, fully loaded, pointing them at each other and shouting “BANG” but never pulling the trigger, what is the solution to creating a safer play environment for them? Do you take the bullets out of the guns and then give the guns back to the kids, thus breaking the first rule of gun safety (treat every gun as if it were loaded, even when it’s not)? Or do you instead take the guns away entirely?

There is right now an epidemic of HIV in Philadelphia, with 25 percent of new HIV “victims” being teenagers, and the taxpayer-funded Philadelphia Health Department (PHD) has seen fit that the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus is to encourage kids to have even more sex, but to do it “safely.” They are doing this by installing condom dispensers into 22 Philadelphia high schools, thus effectively taking away the proverbial bullets rather than the gun.

Of course, to take away the gun would mean to take away the kids’ penises, and that is bizarrely frowned upon.

But think about what the PHD is doing. They are saying, “If you have sex, there is a good chance you will get AIDS. So go have sex, but wear this thin layer of latex around your member and ignore the risk that the condom has a hole in it, that it will break, or that it was defectively manufactured.”

Fellows, if you knew a girl had HIV or AIDS, would you be willing to have sex with her with a condom?

Gals, if you knew a guy had HIV or AIDS, would you be willing to have sex with him as long as he wore a condom?

No one on Earth with even a robust sexual drive would be willing to have even protected sex with someone whom they knew had AIDS. Not unless they had a death wish.

So the PHD, rather than telling the kids the grim reality, is encouraging kids to continue to engage in behavior that is guaranteed to get at least a few of them killed. Guaranteed.

This is yet another case of liberal policy being directed at the symptom rather than at the cause of the symptom. The symptom is HIV/AIDS. The cause is, in a nutshell, the erosion of family values by Democrats. Keep that in mind; I will come back to that.

It is a matter of statistical fact that blacks are the number-one carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus in the United States. (It’s a racist virus, you see.)

As of the 2010 census, 44.2 percent of the city of Philadelphia is black. This makes blacks the largest ethnic group in that city and, if there were any sense to be made from the governmentally imposed social rules, it should mean that blacks are no longer considered a minority there. But they are, even though they aren’t. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is.

Well, 72 percent of black kids are born out of wedlock, and 65 percent of black kids live in fatherless homes. (This is perhaps why blacks, not in number but in percentage, are the number-one recipients of welfare. The government has become their providers, much like a father, and blacks, fatherless, vote for Democrats because Democrats promise to be their daddies.)

While the government has replaced black fathers, black kids do not generally grow up with any good male role models, so they engage in risky sexual behavior that gives them AIDS.

The cure is for black people to stop having promiscuous sex; to, if a black man gets a woman pregnant, stick around for life for that kid; to teach your kids that sex is intended to be for two people who love each other (so much so that they will, preferably, marry before having sex); and that if they, the kids, ever have sex as a minor, they, the parents, will not give them a condom, but will instead beat their butts raw.