Food Stamps make American farms stronger?

Several months back, I observed a Hispanic woman purchase what appeared to be a two-month’s supply of meat and poultry using a Lone Star Card (Texas Food Stamp Benefit Card). When questioned about the size of her family, she giggled and explained to me that the meat was for her “catering truck” business. Then she proudly exited the store to load her bounty into a brand new “Government Motors” Chevy Silverado.

The store in question, Hispanic owned and operated La Michoacana Meat Market, has been operating in the Texas market since 1986. Large signs prominently displayed at their entrances advertise “We accept Lone Star Card.” From all appearances food stamp recipients are funding a very successful and growing business. In fact the last two years saw a huge expansion of La Michoacana locations in the Houston area. It seems government subsidy goes a long way in the Spanish speaking community.

Presently the USDA is partnering with the Mexican Government to reach out to eligible Mexican nationals living in the U.S. with information for obtaining food stamp benefits. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is currently being promoted by Mexican embassies and consular offices nationwide. “Reaching Low-Income Hispanics with Nutrition Assistance” has been a goal of our U.S. Department of Agriculture since 2004, and feeding the citizens of our southern neighbor seems to be profitable for Non-white Hispanic businesses.

Some months back, liberals were attacking Republicans for failing to support the passage of the 2012 Farm Bill. Apparently some Republicans withheld support for the Farm Bill because (among with many other issues) the bill didn’t go far enough in reducing expenditures for SNAP or food stamps. Democrats vilified Republicans for their cold-hearted betrayal of Americans who “through no fault of their own” are relying on food stamps during these trying times. Somehow Harry Reid and the Democrats managed once again to distort the argument and hide the truth about our corrupt food stamp programs.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) takes up the largest chunk of our farm bill in money terms and Republicans had expressed concerns over the massive growth of SNAP. You might think that increases in food stamp recipients are related to the recession, but in fact increases in SNAP participation started in 2004 when the Bush Administration changed eligibility guidelines and began what I call the U.S/Mexico Food Stamp Cartel. Now our Federal Government and its Mexico City Capos are stocking Mexican pantries and taco wagons in the United States instead of reducing our massive U.S budget deficits and national debt. Go figure.

Looking back at my meat market experience, I remember thinking that my family of three couldn’t consume that much chicken and skirt steak in six months. I also remember the reaction, or should I say indignation, expressed by the La Michoacana manager when I brought the woman’s fraud to his attention. By questioning his collusion in what is arguably an organized effort to defraud American taxpayers, I was treated with disrespect and told I should shop elsewhere.

For over eight years our government has been paying for the grocery bills and apparently business expenses of Mexican nationals living in our country. Now the Obama Administration and Democrats are openly partnering with the new Mexican president (a man who has the support of Mexican drug cartels and calls for the legalization of Marijuana) to increase the already bloated welfare rolls at U.S. taxpayer expense. So much for the plight of cheap unskilled Mexican immigrant labor and its contribution to the American dynamic.

Last year the Heritage Foundation published a report of the cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers. The report concluded that unskilled Hispanic workers and their families annually receive more government benefits than any other minority class in America. It also stated that if current Hispanic cultural trends are allowed to continue it will take 300 years before the average Mexican family living in the United States pays more in taxes than they take in taxpayer funded benefits. Perhaps American’s should start cutting there grass again because the nation can’t afford to pay for the costs of failed assimilation anymore.