Floyd Mayweather and What Leftists Hate More than Racism

Floyd Mayweather recently sent out a tweet about the real reason he broke up with his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson: she aborted his twins.

Mayweather wanted to keep the kids, but his ex-fiancee decided to kill them. She told him at first that it was a miscarriage, but when the truth came out, Mayweather broke up with her and tweeted this:

The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.

Apparently that tweet, and Facebook photos of the ultrasound, constitute “abusive behavior” in the minds of pro-choice fanatics.

I’ve never really understood their logic for calling anything abusive. Think about it. If these twins had been killed a few months later, would they call his actions abusive? What if that actually were the story:

Today, Shantel Jackson is under arrest for killing her twin babies by smashing in their skulls. Floyd Mayweather, the father of the twins, has broken up with Ms. Jackson over the incident, posting the following tweet:


“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she . . . killed our twin babies.”


The grieving father also posted some pictures of the twins to his Facebook timeline.

Does that seem offensive or abusive? Okay. Well, it’s basically the exact same scenario. Honestly, I am so sick of pro-choice rhetoric. I have no idea how they can justify abortion.

And furthermore, doesn’t the father have any rights concerning his children? Whenever a father conceives a child, is he supposed to just hope against hope that the mother won’t kill their babies? That doesn’t seem right.

And of course, there’s the further angle of Mayweather’s bid to buy the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling. According to at least one writer, that’s a bad idea now. Because being against the abortion of your own children and being a racist is obviously on the same level of impropriety. That’s right.

The one thing leftists actually hate even more than they pretend to hate racism is anti-abortionism. Given the reality of the black abortion genocide, it should make you wonder whether leftists actually hate racism. But there is no doubt, when anti-abortion is in question, real visceral hate bubbles to the surface. Remember—don’t ever get between a dragon and the death it loves to feed on.