Florida Woman Paying for 2 Health Plans because She Couldn’t Un-enroll from Obamacare

Another sign of the incompetency of those who built the Obamacare enrollment program surface in the life and trials of Melissa Battles, a Florida mother.  She initially went online to enroll in an exchange healthcare program.  She found the process long, tedious and convoluted.

She eventually discovered that she qualified for a federal subsidy since she did not have a full time job at the time.  Then she had to undergo more online gymnastics in selecting a Healthy Kids plan for her autistic son.  Finally, she completed the process and selected her plan.  Battles was elated that she and her son finally had health insurance.

Then Battles landed a full time job with benefits and no longer needed her exchange provided healthcare policy.  She went back online and discovered that there was no way to un-enroll on the website.  Battles commented, saying:

“I was blown away that they had not thought forward enough to realize that people are going to disenroll. This is going to be a common practice.”

After making it nearly impossible to complete the enrollment process to obtain an exchange health plan, they did make it impossible to cancel the plan once you purchased it.  Only after Battles was forced to make payments for her employer provided plan AND her exchange purchased plan, the geniuses in Washington DC finally figured out that they needed to provide a way to un-enroll.

Reading about Battles’ ordeal, it reminded me of one of those sales programs that pressures you into buying something you really didn’t need and don’t want and when you come to your senses, you find it impossible to cancel your order.  Battles said that she was surprised they hadn’t planned on that, but I believe they knew exactly what they were doing.  They intentionally didn’t provide a way to un-enroll because they knew too many people would be canceling their healthcare exchange plans shortly after purchasing it.  The feds wanted to force you in, set their hooks in you and never let go, until they were caught doing so.