Flawed Study: Liberals Are More Open-Minded

Psychology website PsyPost reports on a new study published at the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin which attempts to determine where one’s political affiliation originates.

Lead researcher Xiaowen Xu of the University of Toronto explains, “In the past, researchers have consistently shown that political liberalism is associated with higher Openness to Experience (characterized by preferences for creativity, curiosity, and new ideas), and political conservatism is associated with higher Conscientiousness (which values structure, organization, and order).”

But it’s been my experience, and I’m sure the experiences of every other conservative out there, that liberals are only open toward things they know don’t challenge their political and social views.

It’s also my experience that conservatives are like this as well. The difference is that while liberals purport to be open to everything, conservatives acknowledge the dangers of indiscriminate open-mindedness. Conservatives are not open-minded about things that seek to change the way things are if the way things are works just fine.

Liberals, on the other hand, like the idea of change for change’s sake. One reason President Obama won his election in 2008 was because of his campaign’s slogan: CHANGE. And liberals said, “Hey, yeah, change, sweet!” That is indiscriminate open-mindedness.

One of the things the study found was that liberals are often more interested in “cultural products (such as books and film).” The researchers say that such interest in these things (i.e., the media) points to the liberals’ open-mindedness, since the media is where supposedly different minds go to express their supposed differences.

But the media is overwhelmingly liberal. Not just the news, but the movies, the TV shows, the magazines, even the books. The only differences found in “cultural products” are the variety of sordidness and the style with which to show or tell it. The artistic visions vary, but the messages are all liberal. That is what liberals like about “cultural products”—not the artistic differences, but the ideological similarities. If they were interested in different views, they wouldn’t all flock to the one or two liberal radio stations and avoid Fox News like it’s the one drop of holy water in the sea of their beloved acidic media (which is indeed what it is).

Liberals don’t enjoy “cultural products” for their diverse points of view; such diversity in our liberal-established culture hardly exists. Rather, liberals enjoy “cultural products” because they reinforce their own views. It’s a media-run world, and largely a liberal one. So when liberals read, hear, or watch something in the media, they think, “Yes, this is correct. It’s coming from a variety of sources, endorsed through a variety of outlets…this is what the rest of the world thinks, so it must be true.”

What is true about liberals’ open-mindedness is that they obviously failed to heed the warnings not to be so open-minded that their brains fall out.