FL Dem Pushes Immigration Reform so there are People to Clean Hotel Rooms and do Our Landscaping

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all heard a number of reasons of why we need immigration reform.  Some say we have to do something to make all of the illegals legal so they can be taxed and contribute to the economy.  Others say we can’t deport them all and I always ask why not?  We hold anyone else accountable for the crimes they commit so why should illegals be any different?

Regretfully, very few say we need immigration reform because it takes too long for many people to be able to legally immigrate to the US.  I know a family from Romania that applied to the US for immigration status and they were told the process for Romanian citizens at the time was close to seven years.  They ended up moving to Canada instead as it only took them a couple years to receive Canadian approval.  Another family I know is from South Africa and it took almost four years to get to the US and then there was a problem with their daughter’s application which took another two years before she was allowed to join her family.

But the most ludicrous and I believe racist argument offered yet to justify immigration reform came from a Florida Democrat.  Adelaide Alexander Sink, better known as just Alex Sink has served as the treasurer for the Board of Trustees of the Florida State Board of Administration and then later she served as the Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida.

In 2010, Sink ran for governor and lost to Republican Rick Scott by a mere 1% of the vote.  Currently, Sink is engaged in a very tight race against Republican David Jolly (no relation) in a special election to fill Florida’s 13th Congressional District.  The latest poll shows Jolly leading Sink 44% to 42%.

At a recent campaign forum, Sink presented her reasons as to why we need immigration reform:

“Immigration reform is important in our country. We have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping? We don’t need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented and illegal workers.”

Hello?  What about Americans that are out of work and need a job?  There is no shortage of American citizens that have exhausted their unemployment benefits and have dropped off of the government’s unemployment rolls who would be glad to take any job to help provide for their families.

The problem is that as long as our worthless government allows illegals to remain in this country, employers will continue to hire them and pay them minimum wage or less.  They pay these illegal workers under the table so neither the employer or employee pays any taxes.

In 2011, Alabama passed some of the strictest immigration laws in the country, placing hefty fines on anyone caught hiring an illegal.  The liberals complained that this would increase unemployment and create an economic meltdown in the state.  However, after thousands of illegals fled the state, the unemployment rate dropped by 1.1% within the first two months because American citizens were finally being hired instead of illegals.

Sink and others don’t realize that illegals have been stealing millions of jobs from American citizens for years.  If all 11-14 million illegals were to be deported back to their countries, the national unemployment rate would drop significantly.  Yes, there are Americans who will clean hotel rooms and do landscaping and yard work.  I know some who have their own businesses doing landscaping and they only hire American citizens.

To be honest, Sink’s remark is racist and very discriminatory and most minorities, especially the Hispanics should be up in arms over her comments.  Her words indicate that Hispanics and other illegal groups are not capable of obtaining better jobs or being more successful other than menial labor jobs like cleaning hotel rooms and landscaping.

Sink is a typical liberal Democrat who claims to be for minorities like the illegal Hispanics, but her very words demonstrate how she looks down on them as a subclass of people.  Jolly should use this against her to show the people of Florida just how racist and bigoted she really is and I bet his marginal lead over Sink would start to get wider.