Fish and Wildlife Service: Global Warming to Blame for Ebola

It was only a matter of time before someone blamed Ebola on global warming. They’ve already blamed Ebola on the White Man and the GOP. Now, it’s global warming’s turn. If it’s global warming’s turn, then by extension, it’s the GOP’s fault and the fault of white conservative men, since they’re all the ones who are causing global warming.

According to CNS News:

“The larger conservation connection, however, is perhaps less obvious: Ebola appears to be a direct consequence of deforestation and human disturbance,” the article stated.

“Outbreaks are linked to long dry seasons (a consequence of deforestation and climate change), during which there is scarcity of food in the forest and all the animals, including fruit bats, feed on the same remaining fruit trees, usually fig trees,” it added.

“Human development, including logging and mining, road construction and agriculture, is increasingly cutting back on forest habitat and bringing animals and humans in closer contact, which can facilitate disease transfer,” the article stated.

Anything bad that happens is always blamed on global warming, that anti-climactic phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in 18 years. Once they blame everything objectionable on global warming, they go on to rant and rave about conservatives who want dirty air and dirty water for all the poor children, all because conservatives don’t like the idea of government bailing out their favorite corporations to which to grant monopolies and shower with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer-subsidized gifts, at the expense of the energy market’s competition. They think the more they hammer people’s brains with global warming and conservatism’s guilt by association, the more people will agree to bankrupt the oil industry with taxes and regulations, in order to force the political and crony-capitalistic reins over to the “green” industry, which is neither “green,” nor industrious. Like most other industries, they’re greedy for power and are willing to do, say, and pay anything to achieve more power. And if the price is just right, most politicians are more than happy to oblige and give them whatever they want.

Despite the current administration’s concerted effort to brainwash Americans about nonexistent global warming, a recent Gallup poll found that global warming was dead last in “a list of 13 concerns that are most pressing for registered U.S. voters in next month’s midterm election.”