First Guns and Religion, Now Free Speech: Obama Chipping Away at Bill of Rights

President Barack Obama and his administration have been working hard to eliminate our constitutional rights, starting with the Bill of Rights.

Obama, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been working hard to wrestle guns out of the hands of Americans.  They have been pushing for more gun control to restrict the types and number of guns and ammunition Americans will be allowed to buy and possess.  Clinton has signed two United Nations firearms treaties that require Senate ratification in order to become U.S. law.  If ratified by the U.S. Senate, the two treaties would outlaw all small arms defined as handguns, shotguns, target and hunting rifles and they would limit what firearms and other weapons could be sold and to whom they are sold to.

Freedom of religion has also been attacked under the Obama administration.  Christians are being restricted more and more about what and where they talk about God, Jesus and Bible.  They are being forced to accept government mandated practices that violate their religious beliefs.  When a Christian talks about sinful lifestyles, they are in danger of being arrested for using hate language.  Biblical marriage is being attacked and challenged and the Obama administration refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act even though it is still a federal law.

Now it seems that freedom of speech may be the next target of Obama’s assault on our constitutional rights.  After all of the protests and uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and other countries, all supposedly over a YouTube video trailer that insults Islam, rumor has it that President Barack Obama will go before the United Nations sometime this week and condemn the video and the right to make such a video.  If the reports are correct, his address will in fact be an attack on the freedom of speech that we are all guaranteed by the First Amendment.

If Obama does condemn free speech, it would be okay with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.  In an interview with CNN concerning the Muslim protests in her country and the ad that Obama and Clinton recorded condemn the video, Khar said:

“It is not good enough to say, ‘It’s free speech, it should be allowed.  I think if this does provoke action against American citizens or Americans anywhere else in the world, then maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is okay.”

“I think what we need is more tolerance for each other’s views. What we need is to be able to give mutual space for us to be able to demonstrate what is culturally, religiously important to us and not to hold each other — not to judge each other for that.”

“We really we have to be sensitive to religious sensitivities.”

It’s ironic that Hillary Clinton has condemned the video made here in the United States and even taped an ad with Obama to be aired in Pakistan condemning it.  A few years back, a museum in New York displayed an image of Mary the mother of Jesus.  The Madonna image was smeared from head-to-toe with elephant poop and the image was surrounded with numerous photos of female genitalia.  Then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was incensed over the display and set out to stop all taxpayer funding for the museum.  However, then Sen. Hillary Clinton intervened and defended the museum’s right to show such a vulgar and offensive display saying:

“Our feelings of being offended should not lead to the penalizing and shutting down of an entire museum.”

Clinton defends a museum’s right to display such pornography that is offensive to Christians because of the First Amendment, but now she is publicly condemning a video that is offensive to Muslims.  I wonder if her personal confidant and top senior aide, Huma Abedin, a Muslim, had anything to do with Clinton’s hyposcrisy?

Freedom of speech has been one of the shining crowns of American freedom.  It has been the envy of millions of people worldwide who are not allowed to freely speak their minds.  As long as we do have free speech, we will remain a free nation.

However, free speech is becoming more restricted and we are rapidly losing this honored right.  We are no longer allowed to say anything negative against a homosexual or a minority because that has been defined as hate language.  Now add Islam to the list.  But while we are not allowed to speak out against these things, they can say anything they want against Christianity.

If President Obama takes the podium at the U.N. and condemns the rights of the creators of the video, he will be condemning the First Amendment.  If he gets elected for a second term, I would not be surprised to see the First, Second and Tenth Amendments stricken from the law and the Bill of Rights may be re-named the Bill of Lost Rights.