Ferguson vs Abortion: Outrage over Killing a Criminal but No Outrage over Killing Innocent Babies

Ferguson, Missouri residents are still protesting and looting over the shooting death of criminal Michael Brown. They are outraged that a white police officer shot and killed Brown who was unarmed. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown was a very big 18 year old young man who was resisting arrest and scuffling with the officer. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and was seen on video being physical with the store clerk.

Brown was not innocent when he was shot and killed but the public is outraged by what happened. So why are the same people outraged at the intentional murdering of thousands of very innocent babies?

Babies in the womb aren’t armed. They have not committed any crime. They aren’t resisting arrest. They only want the chance to breathe the same air we do and experience life as we have. But when these babies are subjected to intense pain and torture as they are being ripped into pieces while still alive the same people protesting the death of Michael Brown are silent. There is no outrage, no protesting, looting or rioting.

Why the different reactions? Where are our sense of values and morals when we get incensed over the death of a criminal and not over the deaths of thousands of innocent babies?

America has become a nation that protects the guilty and murders the innocent. Homosexuals, atheists and Muslims are given special rights and privileges while Christians and conservatives are being persecuted, prosecuted and having their rights and privileges stripped away.

Have you heard of the movie, The Purge? It’s a movie about a twelve hour period where crime is legal and anyone can go out during those hours and rob, assault, rape and kill anyone they want without fear of prosecution. After watching what is happening in Ferguson and other similar occurrences, it almost seems that America is starting to extend The Purge beyond 12 hours and embrace lawlessness more and more.

After all, Barack Obama and Eric Holder have been openly breaking laws without any repercussions while Christian business owners are being taken to court for standing up for their faith. You have wonder just how much longer America can exist with its upside down values?