More Ferguson Business Owners Turn to Guns for Protection Amid Looting

Local businesses are getting the runaround from police departments. It seems there’s a bit of bureaucratic confusion with regards to which department is supposed to have jurisdiction. None of the departments, whether it’s the city police, the county police, or the state police, know which one is supposed to be handling the situation.

So, when local businesses want to report looters to the police, they get transferred or referred to another department. Police don’t show up to the scene, and so business owners have to resort to protecting themselves with guns from looters. The local St. Louis Fox affiliate reported:

I know that it may be frustrating to these guys not to be able to depend on the police for protection. But I have to disagree with the one who lamented having to use his own gun for defense and to force looters away from his establishment. He said, “I don’t feel free doing this.” If this were another state, say New York, he wouldn’t even be allowed to have a gun, let alone be carrying it around in public, trying to scare off looters.

I know his situation is far from ideal, considering that his business was ransacked, but he should be thankful that he is free to defend himself with guns. If he had known his store was being destroyed, and the police were AWOL, he would have been there sooner to protect it, and he would have done a better job than the police, who can’t seem to figure out who’s supposed to be on duty.