Fencing Foils Declared Violation of University Weapons Ban

Have you ever watched the Olympics either in person or on TV? A seldom shown event is fencing where two opponents square off with foils, sabers or epees, all of which are blunted and have no sharp edges. With all of the body armor worn by the contestants and the dullness of the weapons it’s virtually impossible for anyone to get hurt.

Fencing is also a collegiate sport at over 30 universities where their athletes aspire to hone their skills to the point of representing the United States at the Olympics. One of the newest fencing clubs to form was at North Dakota State University. However, the fencing club was short lived because school officials declared that their fencing equipment are weapons and therefore violated the schools weapons ban.

The ban has forced the club to move off campus which has resulted in their losing some members. Club President Enrique Alvarez, who has been fencing since his early teens, commented:

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU…understands our fencing equipment as weapons.”

In describing the foils, sabers and epees they use, Alvarez stated:

“This is a spring and a flat tip that if you press the spring against the body of the other person, will be awarded a point.”

How many instances have you heard of where someone was wounded or killed with a dulled competitive fencing foil, sabre or epee? I haven’t heard of a single case that I recall. However, I have heard of other athletic equipment being used as weapons, such as baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, lacrosse rackets, ice skates and even basketballs. And let’s not forget about the danger of archery equipment being used as weapons.

If you follow the logic or illogic of the North Dakota State University officials, virtually every sporting event should be banned because of the danger of some of the equipment being used as a weapon. Pens, pencils, scissors and letter openers have also been used as weapons a lot more often than competitive fencing foils, so they should also be banned from college campuses.

A number of graphic arts classes use knives to cut out stencils and other materials used to create signs, t-shirts and other items. If fishing knives in a tackle box locked in a pickup truck on a high school campus is grounds for suspension and felony charges, then all of the crafting knives should also be banned from college campuses.

Any universities that teach any form of carpentry, wood or metal working along with auto mechanics should ban all of these programs because the students use many tools that have been used as weapons in the past, especially hammers and wrenches.

Even more dangerous are computers. They are used to destroy people’s finances and lives and have driven too many students to suicide. Computers are very dangerous weapons in the wrong hands, so North Dakota State University should ban all computers.

The most dangerous weapon on every college campus is the people. It’s people that use whatever they can get their hands on to commit their acts of violence against others. Fencing foils do not kill people, people kill people, so ban people from the university campus.

I hope you see the utter ridiculousness of the actions of the North Dakota State University officials. There is absolutely no logic behind their actions and only demonstrates the stupidity that drives liberalism’s anti-weapon agenda. To be honest, the liberals are probably the most dangerous of all the people on campus so they should be banned as a violation of the school’s weapon and intelligence policies.