Feminists Turn a Beautiful Thing Ugly

Feminists, apart from being certifiable, are just plain crappy. I’m not saying females are crappy; I’m saying feminists are crappy. These “We don’t hate men, but smash the patriarchy anyway” harpies are destructive toward tried and true tradition, and they’re proud of it.

They’re also one of the most obnoxious branches of the Left’s cultural military. They corrupt innocence and they decry beauty, and they do it all by screaming with their unfemininely deep voices and telling everybody not to look at them while they wear lingerie in public and announce to everyone within shrieking distance that they are sluts and they are not ashamed. (This is usually not a good way to avoid unwanted male attention, but their butch haircuts tend to counteract this affect.)

But here’s one example of what I mean by feminists corrupting innocence and decrying beauty:

Sixty-two-year-old Jim Zetz has stage-4 pancreatic cancer. He’s definitely going to die. He has a daughter, 11-year-old Josie, whom he knows he will never get to walk down the aisle at her wedding. This is something Josie had expressed sadness about.

So her father arranged to have a backyard ceremony now, while he’s still alive, in which he, dressed in a nice suit, and she, wearing a lacy, white gown, walk down an “aisle” together, at the end of which he would place a ring on her finger and have their pastor pronounce them “daddy and daughter.”

A videographer captured the event so that it can be played at Josie’s real wedding when she’s older. (Photos of the event can be seen here, but have a tissue handy.)

The story was also shared on Tumblr, the preferred platform of feminists to spread their bile.

One feminist wrote simply, “[T]his is disgusting.”

That was the first comment. I read it and was really confused. I thought I had missed something in the story. But then I read the other comments.

“How revolting,” one said. “What a pig of a man. He can’t bear the thought of his daughter not being owned by a man.” No, the daughter was the one who was sad that she wouldn’t be walked down the aisle by her father. But yes, it is usually something a father looks forward to, handing off his daughter to another man not to own her, but to care for and protect her. For this reason it’s obvious why feminists view marriage as a patriarchal evil…and that’s one reason why feminism should be viewed by the rest of us as a cultural evil.

The same feminist continued: “Yes let us force heterosexuality and archaic rituals of the patriarchal exchange of property onto pre-pubescent children, wooo freedom of choice woo” [sic].

It takes guts in today’s world to say “I’m against feminism.” But if most people knew what true, modern-day feminism is, it’d be a lot easier to say, for everyone else would be against it as well. Stories like these need to be shared whenever we come across them—and, oh, how terribly often we do!