Feminism: “Menstrual Cramps Are Caused by Men”

Women’s period cramps are men’s fault, according to feminism.

Someone with the handle “sexselector” wrote a tirade on her Tumblr page against the omniscient and omnipotent “patriarchy.” The piece’s run-on-sentence title is “I’m on My Period Let’s Talk About Why It Hurts.”

“Why do we take it for granted that women’s bodily processes just normally hurt?” she begins.

“[E]veryone just says ‘oh pain during periods and birth are normal (and fibromyalgia isn’t real!) therefore that’s just the way women are- with women pain doesn’t mean ‘something is wrong’ like it does with real people. It means ‘everything is fine!'” [Sic.]

She also argues that if men felt prolonged pain in their testicles for several days every month, people would be throwing all their money at it and giving away free pain pills. Which is probably true, but those people would all be men, not women, just like all the people who complain about menstrual cramps are women. Duh.

But, yeah, it’s not as if a mostly female cause such as, oh, fighting breast cancer receives more donations from civilians and more media attention than any other cancer cause. Patriarchy exists, you know, which is why you never, ever, ever hear about breast cancer.

“So why do women hurt?” asks sexselector.

“Patriarchy means patrilinealism,” she says, “which means that males have the upperhand [sic] in picking mates. Males select for things in women that make subsequent generations more childlike instead of woman-like. This starts to become a problem for obvious reasons. We’re going on about 6,000 years of it, too.” That’s one of her explanations. We could probably decide it’s far removed from reality if only it made sense enough to comprehend the point she is trying to make in it.

Her second explanation for why women’s periods hurt is pollution, which is men’s fault because men build the factories and produce that pollution. Also, it’s men who make “synthetic hormones like the pill and fertility drugs”–you know, those drugs that leftist women are always trying to get others to buy for them; those drugs upon which they determine who to vote for, the Republican who says “Buy it yourself” or the Democrat who says “I’ll be your sugar daddy!”

Her final reason for once-a-month-pain in a woman’s ovaries contradicts the previous reason. The pain is the result of psychological damage dealt by males, rather than stemming from physical damage dealt by factory smoke and unnatural chemicals: “The psychological effect of being told by oppressors that a certain part of your body is a smelly dirty secret is that your brain will slowly stop giving that area quite so much maintenance/attention….Thought is powerful.” So, women’s brains are weak and easily manipulated by men, who are the “oppressors.”

She writes in conclusion, “Men’s choices in the patriarchy *created* [sic] women’s pain.”

This is a woman’s brain on feminism.