Feds Consider Installing V2V Communication Devices on All New Cars

Under the auspices of “preventing accidents,” federal officials are contemplating a requirement to install vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication devices on all new cars. This would apparently allow cars to avoid colliding with one another. So it’s “for your protection” or “for the children” or whatever. I honestly don’t care what their reasoning is.

The move toward V2V devices poses signigicant and serious challenges for your freedoms. For one, as the feds have acknowledged, such a system could be hacked. Can you imagine the chaos a hacker could cause by taking over cars and crashing them into banks or other vehicles or holiday parades? And what about computer malfunctions? There are so many ways a system like this could break, and it would only work effectively if most people had the technology installed. Who do you think will be required to pay for it? The taxpayer.

But that is not the worst problem with V2V devices. The fact is that the civil government would not use them merely for accident prevention. Local and federal officials would also monitor your location constantly. They could remotely take control of your vehicle if they considered you a threat. They could automatically send you tickets for infractions your car reported. This would just be one more method the already gargantuan civil government employed to stick its big ugly nose into your personal life.

The fact that people think this is a good idea indicates that citizens still trust the civil government too much. Especially in the past few years, the civil government has done nothing but lie to us, sell us out, imprison us, spy on us, steal from us, harass us, and generally treat us like enemies. But we can’t get enough of it apparently. We’re ready for them to step it up a few notches. I really don’t know what it would take. I’m sure plenty of Americans are looking forward to V2V devices: “Now, I can sleep on road trips.” Yeah, you can sleep on road trips. For that matter, you can just sleep through your whole life. Don’t worry. Big Brother will take care of you. Big Brother cares.