Federal Employee Files Suit Over Obama Mandate to Investigate Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Have you ever noticed that the most intolerant people are the ones that so loudly accuse others of being intolerant?  Take for example, the gay rights movement.  They claim that everyone should be tolerant of homosexuals and include them in all rights and privileges extended to traditional married couples.  But, if you say one word against homosexuality, they become completely intolerant of your right to express your opinion while at the same time, they feel they can say anything they want against you and your views.

President Barack Obama and his administration is another prime example.  They claim to be tolerant to all views and lifestyles and have even endorsed such things as homosexual marriages and other liberal views.  Obama tells everyone to be more tolerant of others, except for when it comes to anyone who differs with his views.  Look at all of the federal lawsuits that have been filed on his behalf against states and individuals who did not share the same beliefs and policies that he does.

Case in point is Obama’s mandate that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigate all allegations of sexual orientation discrimination.  The Obama administration has established new policy that does not allow any employer to discriminate on the grounds of someone being gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual.  Any such violations will be treated as gender discrimination.  However, there is no federal law to support this action.

Greg Somers, an EEOC employee in Greenville, South Carolina, is a Christian who takes his faith seriously.  He applied for a religious exemption from being forced to investigate any allegations of gender discrimination based on sexual orientation under the new policy.  Not surprisingly, the EEOC turned down Somer’s request, on which he commented:

“I regret the EEOC’s decision to refuse to accommodate my religious beliefs.  Tolerance of religious beliefs and freedom of religion are fundamental constitutional rights. No one should have to choose between their lifelong career and their religious beliefs.”

Somers feels he has no alternative but to file a lawsuit against the EEOC, challenging their new unlawful policy that forces an employee to violate their constitutional rights of religious freedom.  In fact, his lawsuit accuses the EEOC of discriminating against him and any company who is forced to violate their religious beliefs.  Somers commented:

“By its arbitrary actions, the EEOC has prohibited employers around the country from operating their companies according to their religious convictions.”

Somers’ case, Gregory Somers v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Case Number 6:13-cv-257-MGL-JDA has been filed on his behalf by Alliance Defending Freedom.  His attorney says the case is more than just the religious discrimination of the EEOC, but it also involves the legality of such a policy and the way it came about.  The ADF reports:

“No government employee should be forced to investigate employers for violating a rule that has no foundation in any law passed by Congress.  In any event, a religious exemption in this circumstance will not in any way harm the EEOC or those it serves as plenty of other employees are willing to conduct such investigations.”

The bottom line is that the Obama administration who claims to practice tolerance is completely intolerant of anyone who holds strong religious views concerning homosexuals.  Their intolerance has led to the illegal policy decried to the EEOC to investigate any allegations of sexual preference discrimination in the workplace and forcing EEOC and every employer in America to violate their religious convictions, if they have any.

This same intolerance can also be found in the contraception mandate and the orders given to military chaplains to perform same-sex ceremonies regardless of their beliefs or face a court martial.  Their tolerance is one-way only.  They demand that you be tolerant of them, but they not only don’t need to be tolerant of you, they will go to great lengths to prosecute you for your intolerance of them.

America used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Under Obama, it’s the land of intolerant and the home of those who whine the loudest.