Father’s Horrendous Murder of 2 Yr. Old Daughter a Sign of America’s Moral Decay

Tierra Morgan-Glover was a happy two year old girl who loved her mom and dad and relied on them for everything.  That is until November 2011 when her father, Arthur Morgan took his daughter, still strapped in her car seat, secured a tire jack to the seat and tossed her into a creek to drown.  Her lifeless body was pulled from the creek about 20 miles from her home.

The medical examiner for Monmouth County, New Jersey said that Tierra was most likely conscious for about three minutes after she started breathing in water.  He estimated that the little girl could have been alive for 5 minutes after breathing in the water.

After tossing his daughter in the creek, Morgan fled to California where he was arrested in San Diego.  When questioned by the San Diego police, they asked him if he said anything to his daughter before putting her in the creek to die.  Morgan replied that he told her he loved her and that he gave her a kiss.

Then he told the SD police that Tierra was not dead when he drove away as he could hear her crying.  During his recent trial back in New Jersey, Morgan’s defense attorney said that he did it because Tierra’s mother’s family wasn’t raising his daughter properly and that he wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.  The defense lawyers admitted that their client was guilty but asked for a lesser sentence of reckless manslaughter.

Prosecutors told the jury that Morgan killed his daughter because she broke off their engagement.  They claimed that his actions were willful and that by attaching the car jack to weigh down the car seat was a conscious and intentional act to murder the two year old.

Last week, the jury found Morgan guilty of murder, child endangerment and interference with custody.  They determined that his actions were ‘knowing or purposeful.’  Because of the jury’s statement, Morgan stands a good chance of being sentence to life in prison.

When he was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs and shackles, Morgan turned to the cameras, smiled and sneered at them as if this was all just a joke or something.  He wasn’t remorseful for his actions.

Over the past couple of decades, it seems that we are hearing more reports of parents killing their children and sometimes killing themselves afterwards.  But why is this happening so often and in such horrible ways?

I believe that it is a symptom of the liberal mindset that permeated our nation.  We have two generations of Americans that are being taught that there is no God and that man is just another animal and that we evolved from apes.  Since evolution invaded the public classrooms, God, the Bible, Jesus, prayer and the 10 Commandments have all been thrown out and replaced with atheistic ideology.  Survival of the fittest in a world where there are no absolute truths and man determines what’s right and wrong for himself.  Other animals kill their young when they are sick, deformed or just to be able to breed again sooner, so why shouldn’t man be allowed to do the same?

In this type of society, human life loses its value and sanctity.  As a nation, we’ve now murdered over 57 million unborn children and in some states we’re passing assisted suicide laws.  When it comes to healthcare, the dollar is far more important than the health of the patient.

The traditional family structure has been torn down and replaced with same-sex marriages and open perverseness.  What God called an abomination is now being taught to our children as being normal and anyone who disagrees is a religious bigot full of hate.

Think about it, when was the last time you heard our government or public schools embrace God, the Bible, Jesus, creationism or the traditional family structure?  Is it any wonder that we don’t have more instances of parents killing their kids?  Should we be surprised with students who take guns to school and open fire on classmates and teachers?  Should we be surprised when a member of our military takes a gun onto a gun-free military base and starts shooting other service men and women?

Aren’t they all just acting out what they’ve been taught about survival of the fittest, nature red in tooth and claw?  Arthur Morgan III acted the way our society taught him to act, whether they realize it or not.  And no matter how many social programs or millions of dollars are spent to curb this kind of violence, nothing will change it except for our nation as a people and government get down on our knees, confess our sins, beg God’s forgiveness and turn from our evil ways.  We need to trash all of the liberal laws that have been passed and embrace a legal and moral system based on God’s law, just like the way our Founding Fathers’ created our nation.  Then and only then will we see a change.  Otherwise, be prepared to read about a lot more parents like Arthur Morgan III.