Fathers get custody, Women scream “Injustice”

I am intimately familiar with the inequities and varied brands of justice dispensed by State Family Courts. For decades, Family Courts have failed to protect the right of a man to have a relationship with his children and sided with the mother as the presumed caring parent. That worm is beginning to turn and the National Organization for Women is crying foul.

The best interest of a child is the priority of every Family Court in America. With two out of three marriages ending in divorce, many a child’s future is determined by our overburden court system. For years women’s rights groups like the National Organization for Women (NOW) have influenced family court legislation and precedent in ways that have caused children to become permanently alienated from their fathers.

NOW and many of its less well-known affiliates worked with impunity in many a family court case to successfully paint all men as violent, abusive, and at fault for the break-up of the marital relationship. Therefore mothers were almost always granted sole managing conservatorship (full custody) and were given the right to receive obscene amounts of child support and health insurance payments. Fathers were relegated to, at best, alternating weekend visitation with some holidays mixed in and, in some cases, supervised visits only. Regularly, fathers would have their court ordered visitation denied by a vindictive mother who would innocently forget or fail to call and say the kids were sick and judges would slap them on the wrist.

In more severe cases woman’s right advocates and their clients could bury a father in legal motions by falsely claiming drug use, filing for protective orders claiming false domestic violence, or suggesting the mother just move out of state with the kids and file for divorce in that state after establishing residence. By the time the Dad was through disproving a grocery list of allegations, he was broke or unemployed or both. Trust me: many a father has exhausted his bank account fighting mom’s perjuries and false statements never to have them prosecuted or penalized.

Today family courts are beginning to open their eyes to the agendas of women’s rights groups like N.O.W. Children now have a real right to a relationship with both parents and sometimes Dad is the better parent. Just because you gave birth to them no longer qualifies you as the superior more caring parent. Human reality and wiser judges are catching up with the National Organization of Women and they don’t like it one bit. They don’t like it when there client is the one that has visitation and child support obligations. They especially hate it when they don’t get paid and losing a family court case to a father means mom pays her own way and N.O.W. affiliates get stiffed.

Well….how is N.O.W. acting to this turn of events? They go political of course.

Again another pro-abortion, contraception mandate loving, LGBT supporting, liberal 501c3 is gathering forces to unseat or defeat Family Court Judges that don’t rule in favor of mother’s rights as interpreted by N.O.W. The ladies (and I use the term loosely) have experienced an influence deficit recently and they aren’t taking it lying down. But once again where is the IRS investigation? How is it that a legal charity is allowed to lobby and provide material support for elected officials and still maintain their tax exempt status?

Apparently investigating or auditing women’s rights groups isn’t popular with our federal government; especially when they receive government subsidy.  When will Americans wake up and realize that many of our so-called charities are nothing more than political action groups with dangerous agendas? N.O.W. and its affiliates are anti-men and anti-family and they need to be neutered.  I don’t care how good the cause; if you aren’t paying taxes, stay out of the elections process.